Y. Priyanto (1227) vs Tweedledum (1537). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Blitz

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  1. No one noticed the extra move of his pond? By the kid?

  2. Sehat selalu anak kecil Tuhan yesus memberkati mu

  3. Tetap berbesar hati Pak Priyanto
    Bahwa permainan ini tidak mengenal usia.
    Bravo Yunker, you are the Best

  4. Anak itu bermain tanpa melihat papa catur, dan memenangkan dengan mudah

  5. What's the little clock device that they tap? What is the purpose of that?

  6. Extraordinary 😮😮😊♥️🫡🤔🤔👽👽👽…

  7. The little guy just seems to me that there's a million other place where he would rather be.

  8. Seyum indonesia penuh khas..tapi harus menerima seyum pahit…dari seorang cucu kecil

  9. 90% of the time the boy does not look at the chessboard, but looks around as if he does not care. The aliens sent their son

  10. 😂😂😂 Indonesia tempatnya DUKUN..KALAH SAMA AQ '… ISRAEL

  11. He keep. Intimadated the way he play

  12. Great kid, his head is full with chess moves

  13. ‏‪4:13‬‏ الضربة القاضية 🥊
    كان ينبغي أن يستسلم هنا🏳️ حفظاً لماء الوجه

  14. menyerah dlm posisi gak ada kemungkinan menang adalah sportif dalam permainan catur…. bukan main sampai habis…. kebiasaan mainya orang ndeso jangan dibawa ² mas pri

  15. It's so easy for the boy to beat these people that he's bored waiting for it to end sometimes.

  16. Priyanto is a class act! I see, sadly, very few adults on this channel—win or lose—handle the interaction with the Tweed twins with the warmth and understanding appropriate for them: a 6-yr-old child.

  17. Kebiasaan main d pos ronda pritanto ni..main adu aja bkn maen stategi..gampang ter propokasi + lupa tekan jam catur ye biasa d pos ronda g ada jam carur nya😂😂😂😂

  18. восторгаюсь,наблюдая с недавних пор,какой одаренный малый всё ж.

  19. 7 minutes of watching a boy pick his nose and smearing boogers on the chess pieces. Fascinating.

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