Y. Priyanto (1227) vs Tweedledum (1537). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Blitz

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  1. gana sin esfuerzo, este niño juega que da gusto verlo.El señor me ha caido bien, es un buen perdedor, creo que disfruto la jugada.

  2. I'm 66, and am learning a lot about chess by watching this 7-year-old prodigy!

  3. That litle cute has some engeles telling him that to play😅😅😅😅

  4. Damn find the kid some real competition he looks so bored schooling these challengers😂

  5. Priyanto is a class act. He knew he had lost the match, kept playing to give Tweed the pleasure to get his 2nd queen and it was all over. Way to be positive in defeat, Priyanto. And Tweed, VERY WELL played.

  6. Да…хлопець мозговитий👍

  7. Berilah kekuatan utk para mahasiswa & mahasiswi mrk org "cerdas membela kebaikan .himbauan utk aparat jgn maen asal gebog aja bos anda pasti akan punya ank,punya keluarga & saudara spt mereka

  8. Definitivamente ese niño es de otro mundo 😱😱😱

  9. He’s a great player. But it must be kind of annoying to play against him. Just sayin’. ☺

  10. Verlo jugar es una maravilla pff! Quisier retroceder el tiempo, y haber adoptado al ajedrez como mi juego favorito 🩷

  11. Aduh pak Priyanto
    Sampai mati miskin di buat
    Sama bocah ajaib ini

  12. In the beginning, it's almost all mechanical, he sets up the chess pieces almost without looking at the opponent's moves. This gives him a psychological advantage over the opponent, also due to the time he manages to save at the opponent's expense. Then comes the central moment of the game: he tries to reduce the pieces on the board, thereby reducing complexity and being wary of attacks. He then attempts to position Bishops and Queen on diagonals that intercept the opponent's King and uses Knights as raiders. He also tries to keep the opponent's Rooks away from their King's row. Then he prepares his pieces for 2 attack strategies. The fewer pieces there are, the more skilled he is at making fast moves, which increasingly annoy the opponent. Finally, he studies the opponent's eyes intently to understand their last move and their center of interest. In short, he rightfully doesn't have strategies longer than 3 moves, which allows him to be very flexible and ready for any scenario. He's very skilled and intelligent!

  13. Adi Priyanto, Indonesian Embassy in Moscow Rusia?

  14. One of the best games I've seen on this channel.

  15. Gotta lovee a kid that openly picks his nose then wipes it on the chair!! Amazing 1:30.

  16. Mungkin bapak ini sayang cucu😂lalu mengalah

  17. Brother Tweedledum took revenge on Priyanto for making his twin (Tweedledee ) cry last time 😂
    Great game btw, I love how he traps his opponents.

  18. beda ti biasana,ayeuna mh bocil rada konsen caturna,hidup bocil😮

  19. This kid "for sure" not normal …he is not looking at the bord … but he makes a move.
    Who's plying for him

  20. 😂😂😂 ngakak, main sambil ngupil…menang

  21. Excellent tactic to win the Queen! bravo Tweedledum!

  22. Como me divierto con estos videos, gane o pierda este niño es un genio. 🤣

  23. meu deus esse menino e um prodigio do xadrez parecia nao esta prestando atençao mas triturou o adversario na hora certa

  24. Kali ini lawannya orang Indonesia dan kalah sama anak kecil 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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