WOW – WHAT A GAME!!! Magnus Carlsen Vs Ding Liren || Blitz Chess 2019

WOW – WHAT A GAME!!! Magnus Carlsen Vs Ding Liren || Blitz Chess 2019


  1. I have better chess set and worse chess skill than them.

  2. Dumb music. Really this is a chess game you idiot

  3. The music makes confused….next time please stop the music

  4. After 1..Ba8 then 2.f3! is interesting and might save the game…I don't know why these commentators don't have that move for consideration!

  5. Why on earth this stupid background noise?

  6. White pawn f3
    Black bishop takes pawn on f3
    White bishop g1
    That is how Magnus could escape checkmate

  7. lower the music its too much, like devide it by 5 and it should be ok

  8. What are you thinking playing music in the background, I can't focus.

  9. This video is reminding of riding a car in GTA Sanandreas !

  10. we are talking about 9:02 time after …Ba8, 2. gxf6…Qb7 3. Kf1…(not Rc2) Bd8 (4.Qxa3 Rc2? Rec1 etc..or Qq2+ Ke2 5.Qxh3 etc a piece down but pieces are active..) if 4.Qd2?? then Qg2+ 5.Ke2 Bf3+ 6.Ke4 d5 with mating threats

  11. Obtrusive music is an end run around usage rights from St. Louis Chess Club, eg. derivative work? Which is extra odd since you've branded the video with Chess Tournament Channel whatever that is.

  12. I just love this game. One of my best. I like how ding went all out against Magnus with such deep calculation. Magnus had no idea what ding was cooking 👏🏻

  13. Shit music, and the writings in the middle of the video make me go out of my head


  15. Bihind Magnus USA flag?? Thats mean usa lost to china?

  16. Its a chess video not a rapping competition, why unnecessarily the music??
    It is like eating red hot chilli while drinking Coca-Cola..

  17. Y does it sound less like commentary n more like a rap?

  18. On 2:08 time what was the reason behind Carlsen playing bishop to d3. Every move in chess has a reason. I didn't understapnd the move. Can anyone explain me?

  19. Make more videos like this with this kind of music, but a bit low volume, I want to hear the badass commentary from Maurice Ashley ❤️😂😀

  20. What's up with the music?! You clearly don't know who watches chess videos……………………=)

  21. the word brilliant…its just not enough. Especially for the last move.

  22. woow, with stockfish application i can see who make blunder.. Magnus make two blunder, Liren just missed that once…hehe

  23. I play this video every day, not to watch the game, but for the background music.

  24. Riñido experto jugadores de ajedrez. Los dos mejores del mundo .

  25. 'I missed bishop A8' – wow, even you. Then the world champion is excused from missing it as well;-)

  26. To be honest the music is great and makes the video more elegant…!! Thanks for innovative idea..Chess videos are so boring otherwise..Love this!!

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