WOW – WHAT A GAME!!! Magnus Carlsen Vs Ding Liren || Blitz Chess 2019

WOW – WHAT A GAME!!! Magnus Carlsen Vs Ding Liren || Blitz Chess 2019


  1. that is the best game ive ever seen for a dacade, after, bobby fischer, style,

  2. Pawn to g4 is the critical move for magnus and this game was awesome 🔥

  3. Had to lower the volume down just to concentrate on the game

  4. this music is AWFUL and have completely destroyed this video

  5. what's with the noisy music? going ghetto here?

  6. Those chess pieces move brilliantly. What is the name of that set of chess pieces?

  7. This is some class man…. Defeating the world needs this kind of class… if anyone is gonna de throne Magnus it will be ding

  8. The new chinese human robot, the cpu looks awesome, very realistic too.

  9. I put a dislike because of the stupid music.

  10. Stop that chit music !!!! Please !!!
    The music which have put down all the music ! The General cultural fall down of the music quality world…

  11. Actually I liked the commentators here

  12. And now that the smoke has cleared in 2021, and last year for that matter, I think Carlsen through a few games to Ding to draw him out in case he won the candidates. Note that Carlsen was never really upset losing to Ding as he is when he 'really' looses. Carlsen and his team needed more Intel on Ding, and they got it!

  13. no se mucho sobre ajedrez, en realidad solo juego para distraerme un poco pero… me podrian decir quien gano y por que no le siguio carlsen?

  14. I ship these two guys so hard in chess 🤣

  15. I would prefer listening to the coughs to this freaking trash music.

  16. I watch it again and again…. Ding was soo good

  17. ¡¡Genio Ding Liren!!
    El próximo campeón mundial.
    Ya le vi cuatro blitz ganarle brillante a Carlsen…

  18. What is with this Music sound man, 🤣

  19. what a stupid idea to put the music in the backgroud

  20. I love how magnus is always smiling after he see a good move, whoever the opponent, whenever he play.
    He is just love chess, not the title or win.

  21. Magnus did mistake, why did he resigned. What if match continues, think about this.

  22. Ding had the white bishop on his mind since he lost his queen and it was the key

  23. 0:00 daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn that background music made this an amazing rap

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