World Rapid Championship 2022 | Day 1 | Peter Leko & Jan Gustafsson

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen heads the field for the 2022 World Rapid Championship in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Watch the games: (Open) & (women).

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  1. eric magnus game, move leko suggested is worse than eric played

  2. I'm curious about the touch move rule here…07:17:53 the player of the black pieces touches his pawn with his thumb before he moves his king. Since the pawn has no legal move (blocked by the King) what is the rule here?

  3. still unclear on the concept of chronological order in the playlist, huh guys?…. (duh…)

  4. Evgeny played perfect against Magnus but one variation it becomes a whole other chess game.

  5. Congrats to Naka for winning the SCC!
    Congrats to whoever wins this one.
    Congrats to Ding or Nepo, winning some interesting event coming up …

    But WHOOO will ever call him- (or her-) self the "World Champion" the next 20 years?

  6. “Many great things starts as a joke.” Jan Gustaffson 😂

  7. Jan du pflaume. Beglück uns doch wiedermal auf deinem kanal 😞

  8. why didnt they implement a reasonable delay? pretty silly to have 3 minutes, why not have any at all lol thats ridiculous.

  9. Leko your pronunciations are very sweet..just enjoyed the whole session

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