World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen destroys 1864 FIDE elo in handicap blitz chess

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  1. 1 minute against 5 minutes isn't any kind "handicap" when you play against Magnus. It's like you play against computer; You can have a lifetime to think for your moves, every single game against Carlsen would be always the same.

  2. What kind of board/set is this … looks nice.

  3. Why would you play Magnus' pet line against him?! Asking for trouble..

  4. i like how they bump elbows in the beginning…just to touch the same pieces throughout the game. some good stuff.

  5. Why is this guy moving so fast against Magnus when he had 5 mins and Magnus only a minute

  6. Corona won't let them shake culture won't let them apart.

  7. Instead of playing down the exchange and some counter-play after qc6 , he goes for an endgame down a piece against magnus

  8. El campeón..Se divierte un poco..jajajajaja muy tezo magnus

  9. Its like playing against magnus in the play magnus app..
    The engine moves instantaneously wheras we can take our own sweet time

  10. I watched a friend beat a week player at five to one and then reset the guys clock without setting his own then did it again. Three games and he used only one min. a min for Magnus is a lot of time.

  11. I would be so happy if I can play a game like this with Magnus just to lose terribly

  12. Be smart don’t ever try to win over a world champion it’s impossible.

  13. Dont know man, rap and chess doesn't match for me

  14. Se saludan con los codos y agarran las piezas de su oponente con las manos!! 🙄🙄😁😁🤦🤦

  15. Beer Carls hahahaha, Carlsen beer company hahahahahhaha

  16. Магнус на кой хрен здороваться локтями, если все равно оба хватаете фигуры и пешки друг друга, обмениваясь своими бактериями

  17. damn this guy is good.. he could be a world champion 1day

  18. Is it really safe to play chess? I mean there's a contact when capturing pieces. They didn't handshake but still there's a contact.

  19. I am so used to online chess now that I struggle to keep up with what's happening on a real board any more. I should start going chess club again when lockdown is over

  20. drinking beer AND trying to beat magnus at chess… formula doesnt work out

  21. Gm chess with Mac Miller in the background is such a vibe

  22. Man this is ridiculous, they are not shacking hand but they touch the same pieces during the game.

  23. Bumps elbows but are sitting 2 feet from eachother and touching the same pieces sickkk 😂

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