World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen destroys 1864 FIDE elo in handicap blitz chess

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  1. Can someone explain the clocks.. ? thnx maybe not this game but ive seen where seconds are added. I know I’m lazy and could google before someone says. 👍

  2. a 1864 ELO is like a child for our champ… a dumb child haha ^^' very impressive!

  3. Am I the only one who is bothered by the fact that the board is upside down? White Queen on e8?

  4. 1864 fide elo?! Nice bluff he played just 1200elo player

  5. Se saludan con el codo pero tocan la pieza del otro con la mano

  6. Ok they don't touch hands but they're not wearing masks.

  7. I love Mac Miller, I like Magnus Carlsen, and I like chess. But for some reason I dislike this video. Objectively, very good video. Subjectively my mind doesn't like it. -.-

  8. What in the endgame clock smashing, fast decision making, looking for checkmating, while also defending, chess playing is this?

  9. 0:25 invalid move, he can't touch king while enemy is moving.

  10. Nach dieser "Wir unterwerfen uns der Panik"-Begrüßung musste ich als logisch denkender Mensch leider wegschalten.
    Es geht nicht um Gesundheit! Die Maske, wie die riskante Impfung, sind Unterwerfungsgesten, die das Regime von den Untertanen verlangen! Konsequent zerstören sie jede Lebensfreude und vernichten auch noch die wirtschaftliche Lebensgrundlage! Schikanen, Verbote, Strafen – Ohne Übersterblichkeit, begründet mit gefälschten Zahlen!

  11. maybe the 1864 is having trouble playing fast chess

  12. with this rating difference, the time handicap means very little

  13. I like how they listen to Mac miller in the background

  14. Porque se saludan con los codos si después tocan las mismas piezas cuando las capturan 🤔

  15. how come black can't take the pawn with the knight on c5 at 1:24 ?

  16. Magnus did not drink a beer before starting d game.

  17. Typical,when brain overloads then you think for half an hour and make the worst move

  18. Fun fact that other guy is still a 1800 patzer lol

  19. When you can premove every move… In real life

  20. what chess set are they playing this game on?

  21. Guy sets his drink right by guys elbow? In the middle of the game… WTH?

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