WORLD BLITZ FINAL: Magnus & Gunina Lead! Can They Win It All? | FIDE World Blitz Championship 2023

World number-one Magnus Carlsen is back to defend both his rapid and blitz world championships from 2022! Competing against the 15-time world champ is Fabiano Caruana, Ian Nepomniachtchi, and more of the world’s top players. Who will become the next world champions in chess, and claim their share of the total $1 million prize fund across the Open and Women’s events?


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  1. What a joke in the commentary! Magnus is playing at the top board and a bunch of other highest-rated players are on other boards, yet these two dumb commentators decide to focus on two women playing lower-level chess. What is wrong with you both????????

  2. Magnus super chess no one else to fight us all

  3. Last round pairing: Lev Aronian vs Paper Bag

  4. Is Gustafsson the best dad on chess streams? Love you man. Thank You.

  5. the sound is incredible!! I want that track.

  6. Ggs to the GOAT Magnus Carlsen on winning both events again!!!

  7. Magnus lost only 1 game and remained #1 blitz

  8. 1:57:12 Levon hangs piece in 1 move. Vlad looks up at him. Down at the board. Takes piece. Looks up again and shakes hands lol.

  9. Goat 🐐 Carlsen casually winning another world title

  10. "live" board. Yeah yeah, better use a ouija board to communicate us the current position, would be even more reliable.

  11. Spoiler
    Congratulations Magnus and Gunina

  12. Anyway Carlsen still didn't beat me I'm the real GOAT

  13. What's even the point of a blitz tournament screening with a live board when it practically doesn't work

  14. Commentary today felt a bit disjointed and out of sync. Great event otherwise

  15. Honestly, sometimes it's quite frustrating when we have for example Carlsen playing Erigaisi and you show the Women's section. Get couple more commentators to cover properly the Women's stream. It is after all a World Cup not some Mickey Mouse event. You want to be serious sport, right ? You can't deprive the fans of such games just to show the women's section once in a while

  16. Leko was the only good thing in this coverage.

  17. Magnus is the GOAT and it's starting to not even be close

  18. Magnus for the W and halfway through the W game they switch to the womens. Bunch of nonsense woke ass commercials too. They lost a viewer

  19. Anyone has timestamps for magnus games?

  20. Seems being beaten early woke up the monster in Magnus lol

  21. The difference between Jan and Robert H is a library curator vs a basketball play by play caller.

  22. If i speak about the coverage i am in big trouble. In big trouble.

  23. Come on Chess 24. Sort out your analysis board!,,,

  24. Dubov has a better tiebreak score than Magnus. If he had made a Berlin draw wirh Ian, he would have been the blitz champion. Dubov and Ian should've received 0.5. People draw with so many lines, its not much different than what they did.

  25. It might be better if chess had some sort of sports outfit… 😅

  26. Nepo def his lucky shirt… wore it yesterday.

  27. Sorry…not good coverage at all. Disappointed.

  28. Peter leko is the goat commentator in my opinion.

  29. The coverage is amateur at best. If chess is to appeal to a mainstream audience it needs to improve the production qualities.

  30. Peter Leko is the best chess commentator in the world!!! He is a great player himself, a true gentleman and also a chess obsessive 🙂

  31. depressing to see all the sexist chat comments when transmission goes to women's section! shame on you people

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