World Blitz Chess Championship | Day 2 | Peter Leko & Jan Gustafsson

Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura & Alireza Firouzja are all in action for the 2021 FIDE World Blitz Championship in Warsaw, Poland, with GMs Jan Gustafsson & Peter Leko commentating live. Follow the games with interactive boards:

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  1. Very different characters commenting these games :))

  2. Congratulations Maxime. Won a losing game against Magnus. Respect. 👏👏 .

  3. Congrats Maxime🔥🔥🔥Duda played really well too❤️

  4. Congratulations to Maxime, Great way to end this year for him

  5. Tigran be strong brother you will come back

  6. Peter Leko's decision to start commenting is the best thing that happened to chess in the last years!

  7. Peter is such a humble and respectful commentator, and he's also very hard working, he won't stop analyzing games and explaining lines for more than 5 seconds until the very last one is over. You cannot hate the guy.

  8. Very enjoyable stream! Many thanks to both gentlemen!

  9. @1:31:05 Legendary words of Peter Leko (and the funny 30 seconds after also): "WHAT A BLOODY MESS". A bit like the rules of the tie breaks.

  10. Excellent coverage of day 2. Big props to the camera for capturing Tigran L at the end of the final round: 5:25:37

  11. Great coverage – both Peter and Jan keep it interesting, keep up the great work!

  12. Why the hell do you switch to player camera with a tiny board on bottom right?!?? Absolutely ruined the games

  13. They did my favorite player alireza dirty. I love watching him play so much. He plays beautiful entertaining chess.

  14. thanks Jan and Peter for providing the best chess commentary/comic relief duo in town

  15. This is so much better than the World Classical Chess. Under time limit, chess players will show how good they are, no engine prep garbage!

  16. Why does MVL get an extra white in the tiebreak?

  17. Anyone else think Jan is pounding alcohol during this? He looks like it hahaha!

  18. Can someone please explain Nihal's score, by the end of round 20 he was at 13.5 and by the end of round 21 his point is 13, what happened there?

  19. It's simply too random who wins!!! The winner should be a worthy winner and It's not difficult to make that happen. Change the format so that after 21 games the top 4 players with the most earned points would meet in semifinals culminating in a grand finale (best out of 3 games in all finals). In the last 5 championships no more than 4 players were tied for first place after all rounds were played. FIDE needs NEW leadership!!!

  20. Next time, they should add way more photographers, say about fifty per board. Invite CNN, Fox, The Young Turks, Aljazeera, etc. We don't want to miss anything! – j q t –

  21. Why was Alireza eliminated from the championship while he had 15 points like the other two?

  22. wait what really ? i can't believe that maxime champion because at rounds 13 or 14 his standing very low

  23. I like Jan's comment — tells you like it is!!!

  24. Does anyone know what happened in the game in round 20 between Rapport vs Kadric? Why did Rapport get credited with the win? Did Kadric blunder and give up too early? They each had over 1½ left on the clock. Stockfish gives a -9.49 evaluation and yet white got the win.

  25. Peter and Jan are a great pair calling games.

  26. Alireza&mvl&duda🔥🔥🔥 hikaru&Fabi😅😅

  27. Great games; great commentators & players. (But a Horrible blunder by whomever mismanaged COVID testing and protocols…regardless of the shorter notice)

  28. I usually like Jan, but here he didn't seem to care about what was happening and wasn't giving much insight to the positions. Peter was great as always.

  29. 5:25:36 Tigran Petrosian ends the tournament with more disappointment. He looks devastated.

  30. So the geniuses in charge actually lost the feed of the championship game?

    Ever seen that with soccer? Golf? Why is it routine with chess?

  31. Thanks for such great commentary. And let's put to rest that foolish idiom that "nice guys never win!" Either of the finalists winning would have disproved that nonsense conclusively.

  32. The playoff "system" was designed to prevent a low rated player from drawing games during the final rounds into the first place and win "easily". You could say, that it is exactly what happened; Abdusattorov won! But, he had to play Nepo to actually claim the crown… so the system worked as intended.
    The top 2 player playoff was only safety net against this occasion, so they could have skipped it for the blitz. 🙂

  33. there's another game that's going to be fun

  34. Jan was too smug for his own good this time. Acted as if he had solutions to all world's problems. Peter, on the other hand, as usual top class commentary.

  35. Be careful not lo look at the comments until you have watched the video, because some idiots state the result in the comments and spoil the show.

  36. The situation with Tigran Petrosian is extremely sad. Felt deeply for him. Would love to see him invited to big events in 2022. Gens Una Sumus, no?

  37. Thank you, Jan, for at least telling the producers what they need to do to make the game legible ('can we see the engine bar? Can we see the times?'), and producers at least for listening to him. But (hint): you should be paying attention and know without being told! 6:20:38 Absolutely most critical moment of whole match, so of course the transcription board goes completely wrong. Big overall F for the production on this one. (Commentators get an A).

  38. Lol @ Leko not laughing at Gustafsson's jokes.

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