Winning with the Double Fianchetto Opening – Blitz Chess


White opened with 1. f4 and 2. Nf3 – looking like he would play a Bird Opening with a queenside fianchetto, or the Stonewall Defense. I decided to play the Double Fianchetto Opening as it is extremely flexible and also quite effective against the Stonewall Attack and Bird Opening. White continued strangely in the opening and did not attempt to grab any space in the center, so I pushed forward and was able to consolidate a large space advantage and lead in development. White lost his way in subsequent tactical complications, losing a piece.

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  1. is there another name for this opening?

  2. I've got a cool idea, if allows custom images for pieces, play a game (maybe 15 mins) where you use a set of invisible pieces, so it's like playing blindfold. I think 1200 rated players are a bit too easy for you to crush with no handicap, and although blindfold chess isn't always as instructive as regular chess, it's a fun idea and would hopefully add a little challenge for you. Big fan of the channel, thanks for the vids 🙂

  3. When are you going to make more analyses on games?

  4. You've been crushing ppl in these blitz videos lately. We need games against stronger opponents.

  5. The video is too short, buddy. Make them last longer, because they're really entertaining.

  6. i dont get it your rated well over 1267 what is the deal?!

  7. Well done, because the Stonewall and Dutch set-ups are a bit annoying.

  8. Does anyone know his real rating ? maybe 1800 ?

  9. He's not a patzer. He's a nm and very qualified chess coach.

  10. im rated around 2290 fide – but my rating in the last few blitz videos has been around 1200 because i was doing some beta testing on the new chessdom arena – Cheers guys! Will

  11. man I love you videos, keep them coming. I really find them very inspiring for me to improve

  12. keep the blitz videos coming man, they're great!

  13. 1:46 you could've captured pawn, opening the h file for rook

  14. At first I was like, "this guy sounds like a pro but his rating says 1200." But then I read your real rating and it all makes sense 😄 Btw I hate when my opponent opens with fianchetto…

  15. Your 'fianchetto' pronunciation gives me chills

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