Will Magnus Carlsen win the World Rapid & Blitz Again?

Will Magnus Carlsen make a comeback this year? World Rapid and Blitz 2022 is starting today at 2pm.

Video: ChessBase India
edited by: Abhyudaya Ram

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  1. Well, This is the Final Chance for Magnus to become Champion in all three Formats. He will not be the Classical Champ after next year

  2. He will win both and re-cement himself as the greatest chess player ever lived.

  3. Yea, the 5 time world rapid and 3 time world blitz champion can never be underestimated. Magnus is 🐐 !

  4. My bet is Indian youngsters will be going to get the best results than anyone else

  5. I hope T-1000 (Carlsen) does win both titles.

  6. 𝗫-π—šπ—œπ—₯π—Ÿπ—¦.𝗫𝗬𝗭 says:

    πŸ‘† – NΠ•W А DАВING ONLINE πŸ’β€f😍

  7. ONE 🌞
    ONE 🌝
    ONE 🐐


  8. If his opponents blunders more frequently than common he wins.

  9. I really feel sad for hikaru…..he always fight hard but lastly hit the wall…..this time i want hikaru to become world champion

  10. The question is will he resign in 0 move against hans making it his new shortest game on his career. After they move shaked their hands and start the clock, magnus is gonna offer another handshake to resign

  11. Or will he quit and run away because they invited Hans too.

  12. Alireza isn't in it? And neither Abdusattorov? Meh then.

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