Why was Magnus Carlsen extremely angry at the end of this game against Nepo? | World Blitz 2022

Magnus Carlsen had an inferior position against Nepo, but nothing that could not be salvaged. All of a sudden something very unexpected happened. What transpired in this crucial 15th round of World Blitz 2022? Check out the video to find out.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. even his 2 loses weren't really him "losing" because of inferior play. accidentally grabbed bishop after knocking down pieces, and then hitting the clock .01 seconds late.

  2. Strange clock. He really pushed it when it was still probably 90% on 00:01….Mili mili seconds decided really. If you check slowmo, when the button is fully pushed, it still shows 1 second….then 0

  3. Why are chess players constantly drinking water? They don't talk or sing very much, so why. Are the venues mostly dry places, they don't seem to ever go for for a pickle either.

  4. 10:17 you can see the little girl stand up to approach magnus for autograph and see him zoom past and look back at her mother for motivation

  5. He loses on time and utters the norwegian equivalent of "Aw, shit!" or "Dammit".. And that's it.

  6. Classic Magnus doing the good old scrooge McDuck "AHHHH" when he loses his gold

  7. He is irked that he didn't hit the clock in time. No drama here.

  8. Add chessboard , find difficult in live mode as such ! Sagar Bhai 🤧🤧🤧

  9. sure that clock is boring for any chess player 😛

  10. Simple. He doesn't like to lose, and he's a human being. What kind of question is that?

  11. Magnus is always late, but at least it appears that this day he showered, he never does.

  12. If you think this is extreme anger, look up Jobava Gukesh world rapid 2021.

  13. Jerk Nepo didnt even arrange the pieces, hate that guy.

  14. Not sure why Magnus wasted almost a minute so early in the game.

  15. He also wants to have an extra queen in his hair.

  16. aww come on.. he is just upset he lost on time… his own fault and nothing against Nepo…

  17. Magnus was annoyed because he had overlooked the time. But it was terrible when Nepo had two minutes left and Magnus Carlsen had only a few seconds. I therefore believe that Nepo's victory was deserved.

  18. Nepo walking away so quickly was a deffo snub.

  19. These chessbase India videos are amazing btw. No silly commentary or distracting goofy music ! and no silly distracting digital boards or silly camera angles ! Good job thank you !

  20. Nepo is a JEW. Dubov is a JEW.
    Fisher is a JEW. Kasparov is suprisingly Jewish. 😃🔥
    p. s. Botvinnik, Kramnik, Tal also jewish soviets

  21. Extremely angry? Very misleading title. Annoyed, yes, maybe even a bit angry. But nowhere near "extremely" angry. He's not shouting, yelling, hitting stuff or throwing things around.

    What is this? I downvoted your video because of the misleading title.

  22. why dont they put the kings in their respective positions when fixing up the pieces after the game? I noticed that in one other video too, they left the kings and queens as the only pieces not rearranged.

  23. The Rossolimo is a great way to play. GM's are avoiding playing e4 because of the sicilian, but everybody these days is playing the kind of boring queens gambit, which after a while gets real old.

  24. Can someone explain why many players spend time putting the pieces back after the game, but not fully? If you’re gonna put the pieces back, why not put them all back?

  25. good game but these video titles are obnoxious

  26. I love the camera angle and the videos, id just prefer a virtual board at some edge of the video as well. Sometimes it's better visualized in the virtual board.

  27. 0:13 Any Russian speakers who could kindly translate what Dubov and Nepo were joking about?

  28. first nepo puts on a shirt that you look silly, go there the phrase that immortalized Messi, then you see his haircut identical to the players of the Argentine soccer team, maybe they talked about nepo's shirt with Magnus ..? Appropriately, why do I wear that shirt…?

  29. Чучело уронило флаг. Браво, Янчик!

  30. 0:14 Nepo and dubov joking (in russian) about magnus being late again "…he isprobably at the hair salon haha".
    4:02 Magnus was about to take nepos knight with the pawn but nepo was thinking one step ahead and moved the knight. This is Magnus reaction LOL he CANT BELIEVE WHAT JUST HAPPENED.
    4:40 The camera guy puts his hand infront of his nuts removing them from the public eye.
    7:45 By this point magnus is pissed off, things arent going well for him apparently.
    8:20 Nepo double grunt.!!
    8:41 Carlson loses a knight.
    9:21 His brain freezes. Everything is happening in slowmotion but he still cant reach the clock in time. Bang. Zero, zero. Time is up carlsen. ur done.
    9:35 Nepomniachi flees the scene. With a swift but orthopedic swing of the hips he leaves the frame quick.
    9:39 Carlesens dad comes over to help his son rearrange the pieces.
    10:25 A band plays music to celebrate.

    How many crocodiles had to die to make those shoes carlson?

  31. Because he flagged? I haven't seen the position but maybe he thought he could've played it to a win or a draw? Was there an increment?

  32. Why are some players starting their move even before the opponent clicks the clock button ? Isn’t it illegal as per the rules ?

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