Who’ll Face Hikaru in the Grand Finale? Magnus, Danya or Alireza? | Bullet Chess Championship 2023

The Bullet Chess Championship 2023 is our most elite bullet chess event in which Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura, Alireza Firouzja, Daniel Naroditsky and more of the fastest players in the world compete for their share of the $100,000 prize fund and a spot in the Speed Chess Championship’s main event.

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  1. trrrr fast rewind….few months later king kong of chess mr. one and only king of chess GOAT Magnus Carlsen took everything there is to take classic rapid blitc championships of every kind to few peat some and even complete the whole selection all that in chess even exist to take won or achive…Himaru Hakaru not even close nowere to that feat,stuck into oblivion with that bullet sh.. . And thats all,just stuck and become a youtuber who even dance.nice one…god bless you Hikaru,nothing against you,but you are playing chess thats gentlemans game,respect it like that and dont dance or whatever you are doing while playing other super GMs…small wish or its to hard to be focused and still?

  2. such stupid behavior from hakaru namaru—dude is not even close to magnus overall…hakaru just pimple and pimple that speed aka bullet chees…no one will even remember him,except for that stupid behavior,shame that karma didnt punish kamaru hakaru for such stupidity of gantleman sport…hakaru you are shame for chess…play normal if you dare and make there such shameful stupidity…bljak fuj shame of champion…soon you will be spank for that,karma will secure that.

  3. LOSERS BRACKET (LOSERS SEMIFINAL)19:03 – Daniel Naroditsky vs Magnus CarlsenLOSERS FINAL1:09:37 – Alireza Firouzja vs Magnus CarlsenGRAND FINAL 2:04:25 – Hikaru Nakamura vs Magnus Carlsen

  4. man looking back at this match magnus choked so hard at the critical points he was winning the first two games in overtime and choked them bad

  5. Mad respect for a segment on black excellence… shows positivity

  6. Well done to Hikaru nakamura for winning! And an excellent performance by magnus getting 2nd place. It's his first BCC too.

  7. Hikaru solidified his place amongst the GOATs of chess. LEGEND OF THE GAME

  8. magnus and hikaru showed once again that they are the final boss in speed chess . seems like we will never see any other players in the final until magnus and hikaru are alive

  9. Massive praise to Hikaru from Magnus…. I'm impressed!

  10. Impressive by Carlsen. Beating Naroditsky, beating Alireza and then going 17-15 vs rested Nakamura. Impressive. From what I saw Nakamura is clearly the more experienced in bullet – flagging, time wasting and etc. but Carlsen even without that XP is on par. Props to Hukaru for finding a format where he can be the best! I'd like to see this form in OTB Blitz/Rapid though, if I am to call him the best player in the fast formats. For me this title is still for MC.

  11. Magnus didn't want to see Hicryu cry all over the place again so he let him win.

  12. Why do people think so low of Magnus? He might not be the best in bullet chess and doesnt play it that much, but he is one of the best chess players in the world.

  13. Extraordinary praise by Carlsen for Nakamura, and by Nakamura for Naroditsky. Carlsen (3:26:53): "Oh, okay, so he's just that much better than I am? …Yeah, fair enough…." (3:27:50🙂 "But that he was like this much better, I didn't realize. Yeah, it's insanely impressive." Nakamura (3:15:22): "If Danya could actually stop being so afraid of Magnus and myself…I think he also can play completely on par with Magnus and myself… if [Danya and Alireza] can sort some of those mental kinks out, they very easily could win against both of us."

  14. This isn't chess, this is gimmick chess. Magnus never plays bullet and he still got to the final and almost won. Hikaru is good but the levels are not even close.

  15. Oh my god! So many games that had me freaking out

  16. at 14-14 that game . . . was IMO the turning point, you clawed all the way back, and you were winning . . . and Hikaru found a way to take the win away. . . crazy

  17. Alireza was millimeters away from this title… He’s never lucky in tiebreak situations

  18. I think Magnus was happy because he finally met someone better than himself. At chess. So he could compete again. It s a lonely world being always the best. You get bored. That s why he gave away his world champion title I believe. Just boredom..

  19. Hikaru is so good yet each time he answers question he sounds so insecure

  20. i cannot imagine someone in the future who can beat magnus or hikaru at speed chess. Maybe we are so lucky to have witness the games of the two greatest speed chessers of all time

  21. Crazy how it's Magnus' first BCC, and with less experience in it, he almost took the bag. Hikaru is a monster at this.

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