Who’ll Face Hikaru in the Grand Finale? Magnus, Danya or Alireza? | Bullet Chess Championship 2023

The Bullet Chess Championship 2023 is our most elite bullet chess event in which Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura, Alireza Firouzja, Daniel Naroditsky and more of the fastest players in the world compete for their share of the $100,000 prize fund and a spot in the Speed Chess Championship’s main event.

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  1. This was the most fun chess event I've seen so far. Bullet probably is the mode that shows best on what an insane level the pros really are. Congratz to Hikaru, he's much more chill now as a streamer and plays better than ever.

  2. Hess & Danny are the dream duo commentators

  3. Bullet championships needs an arena and fan attendance, that'd make this one epic live event.

  4. It's not really fair they made consolation play 3 rounds one day…….

    Should have been a day off before big finals. This is coming from a Hikaru fan who wanted Hikaru to win

  5. Had magnus completed the comeback, this would be considered the greatest comeback in BCC history. To think magnus would force overtime after trailing by 5…

  6. 12.6k Hikaru vs 1k Magnus games played difference.
    Magnus really was underdog in this time format even to Alireza. But the resilience!

  7. I think Hikaru settled the debate over the greatest bullet player ever once and for all. Congrats legend! Bullet goat and online chess goat! 🐐

  8. Hikaru is simply more practiced. The daily streaming, constant blitz games. If Magnus actually spent a few days practicing before this match and had no jet lag from a 7-hour flight, it's a whole different story. That said, Hikaru is still a bullet beast.

  9. Magnus is so humble–literally was tied with Hikaru and lost in overtime, but said in the interview that he realized Hikaru is "so much better than him" at bullet chess

  10. Hikaru win at bullet chess once again congratulation🎉

  11. Just to put into perspective, imagine the burden having to play Daniel, resting 5 minutes than playing alireza and then 5 minutes later playing hikaru for the tournament back to back to back lmao. What Magnus pulled off today even as a runner up its incredible and btw lost 17-15 so was not even a complete beatdown, but man he must have been exhausted. I dont think no one else could have pulled that off (coming from losing bracket and doing that).

    Obivously props to Hikaru as well for literally not losing a single time and he fully deserves the bullet chess goat title I think that is a consensus nowadays.

  12. Hikaru still pulling all the dirtiest tricks. Flags Magnus at 2:56:34 in a critical game when he's losing and feeling the heat, then disrupts the play unnecessarily to regain himself and to frustrate Magnus who was putting on the pressure.

  13. Guys does anyone knows how do i get the summer offer one month free premium??

  14. Hikaru wins
    People : well, he played 12k games compared to Magnus with 1k games.

    Really?? Just congratz and give credit to Hikaru man. Plus, his opponent is the GOAT Magnus, not just a typical GM

  15. Why start recording 7 mins before actual start. Everyone forced to fast fory

  16. What an exciting finish to an incredible tournament! Congrats Hikaru! Plus, my favorite broadcasting team of all time doing the commentary! Kudos Robert for using just in the Nickelback of time. It’s rare when Danny cannot come up with a response. 😂

  17. There are 2 titles which Magnus never won; BCC and World Cup.

  18. Hikaru is the king online, Magnus is the king on board. But Magnus is tailing pretty close on Hikaru online, he could beat Hikaru in his best time.

  19. Hikaru is the best bullet player now in the world.. And I think he is top 3 best chess players in overall chess as well. Congrats! Also I wonder if Magnus has his animation turned off or not because that is a huge factor in speed chess. I know Hikaru has his animation turned off

  20. So it was Chaiya chaiyya what gave Hikaru the power to beat El Magnito.. Awesome

  21. 3 matches in a row must be very tiring. Feeling bad for magnus

  22. I didn't expect the Magnus vs Hikaru match to be that close, and I think Magnus was also surprised at how close he got to beating Hikaru. Congratulations to Hikaru on winning the whole thing!

  23. That Indian song section was awesome….

    We really need a short video regarding that 😅😊.

  24. If Magnus dominated in every format, I'd be bored, I am not.

  25. So ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ song is secret behind Hikaru’s win😅

  26. I was wrong about you initially Danny rensch. Your a very likeable guy 👍

  27. Great commentary, great interview, I love the energy. Keep it up Robert and Daniel!

  28. Black excellence?! Really…? We are totally infected by identity politics, and not even chess can avoid the woke virus. There's no reason whatsoever to specifically promote African American chess players in an international ultraindividualist discipline like chess. And it's also so disgustingly condescending… What the hell does it even mean?! Can't you think about other minorities who have actually excelled over the centuries in chess? Because I can certainly think about a highly opressed minority who has provided about half of all our chess world champions, and I don't see any special recognition towards this people group. As a member of this great people group I don't even want the general recognition because I value individual excellence rather than the ethnic group you happen to belong to. I find all of this BS manipulative and disgusting!

  29. Was kinda hoping for more Carlson cuck tears in this thread tbh

  30. Haha And nickelback don't play chess 😂😂

  31. I cant think of a nicer guy than Danya…

  32. As a someone who probably played too many bullet games over the years I can say I absolutely loved this! Magnus defeating the penguin, alireza2003 and RebecaHarris only to fight on equal terms with the final boss – Hikaru. It didn't end the way I wanted but still is nice to see the respect Magnus and Hikaru have for one another and Danny and Robert always deliver. Honestly the best way to spend a Friday night 😂😂

  33. Hikaru's greatest accomplishment to date has been convincing a new legion of chess fans that he's actually likeable and worth supporting. Crazy achievement.

  34. man sad to see this change in magnus's psychology few years ago he would have been angry about the loss and tried to avenge it but now he just outright said nakamura is superior in bullet. He is underestimating his own skills he has adopted alireza in bullet which nakamura hasn't really tough to see this change in him.

  35. Good game by hikaru i really enjoy that precision checkmate and making magnus frustrating even when hes winning

  36. The evaluation bar was like, you guys play and I will just move up and down😂

  37. Magnus and Hikaru's strength is that they're "better at chess than everybody" according to Magnus… yeah that's a fair assessment.

    Imagine being so good that you can say stuff like that with a straight face and not come out as obnoxious whatsoever.

  38. Hess – super grandmaster level commentary❤

  39. Wonder how different it would have been with 1+1, with no dirty flaggings.

  40. hess doesn't know how to commentate when he can't play imaginery moves & stare at the eval bar

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