Who is The Fastest Man in Chess?? Hikaru vs Magnus BCC Finale

Who is The Fastest Man in Chess?? Hikaru vs Magnus BCC Finale


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  1. 1st game: Trash 1st game.

  2. I like how i don't understand a single move :)) just watch the pace 😐

  3. What happend on 3rd match? I didnt get it

  4. I'm baffled.

    How can pro chess players lose against a streamer; dude was CLOWNING on them all while criticizing himself and listening to BUSSIN' Bollywood music? Hikaru #1 indeed. Much love.

  5. time to change the outro to that indian song xd

  6. Is there a VOD of Hikaru reacting to the Magnus interview?

  7. Chess is a non-violent board game (literarily)
    Showing a picture Hikaru holding a gun is in poor taste.
    Nevertheless I still remain one of his die-hard fans.

  8. Becomes world champion, while streaming
    Incredible. Well done.

  9. Hikaru is just a beast in bullet…that was brilliant

  10. Hikaru to himself : stop thinking just MOVE
    Me to myself : stop moving please think!!!

  11. bro is too op, GOC, god of chess definitely

  12. Congratulations Hikaru your insane 🎉😮

  13. There's something endearing watching him play incredible bullet chess against the current GOAT. Then being so befuddled at the ending about it being over. Brain was fully running win-chess.exe

  14. Big cheers for the Win ❤! Sweet chess as always, but for me the best part was Hikaru sweeping the "dumb" questions in the post game interview. Keep them real Champ!

  15. They don’t call him Nakamura Quick Fingers for nothin😂

  16. That Nakimura fella looks promising. Maybe he should play in some tournaments.

  17. I saw the interview with Magnus giving you praise for being such a strong and even better bullet player than him. Personally I feel you're better period. You just don't give a shit about classical any more

  18. These guys playing with 1 minute on the clock make better choices than myself on a 10 minutes game. They're so above it's unbelievable

  19. 17:25 the music he is enjoying is Chaiyya Chaiyya by AR Rahman – a favourite track of my dad’a!! 18:13 he mentions it again

  20. Where was he streaming? Saw that he was streaming during the march but couldn't find the sream anywhere

  21. Magnus is Superman of Chess, while Hikaru is The Flash

  22. I hope one day a woman will compete for this title, but for now, yes it comes down to the "fastest man."

  23. Who of us can challenge the GOAT…
    "Put me in coach!" ~Hikaru Nakamura

  24. As usual, the turning point comes when Hikaru literally stops caring. I think not caring is his super power. 50:16

  25. The fact that you can play and stream at that speed, is just mind blowing. You are such a good man, streamer and chees player. It's insane.

  26. 23:28 "I'm litterally the worst player of all time"

    -BCC Hikaru Nakamura

  27. I'm so happy after 34 years of chess and doing thousands of tactics online I can understand most of what they do but fuck they move fast

  28. "No Magnus, no no no no no not like that!" ahahaha!

  29. Hikaru is like Wine, as as older as he gets the better he become 😄

  30. Yo thay interviewer on the right was saying some non senseeee "yo hikaru NIckleback"

  31. Jesussss Hikaru underperformed so hard at the very end, thank god he won!!!!

  32. Sekarang saya menyaksikan sambil menunggu orderan Gojek online Bandung single fighter.😂

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