When Magnus Crushed Hikaru Nakamura

Magnus Carlsen was a two in a row World Blitz Champion, when he met Hikaru in the 2019 World Blitz Finals.. Both players being extremely talented in the format, it was going to have to be a close match.. But things didn’t go quite as planned for Hikaru…

I am Ludwig




  1. I felt bad for Hikaru when I see his face at the end btw Magnus da goat 🐐 πŸ‘‘

  2. You popped out of no where in my recomendation and 1 month ago you had your first video and you have 11.6k subscribers. Very surprising that you make very good quality videos then I went to your description It said I am Ludwig 😐

  3. he’s so emo, i’m just kidding haha they r both legendary players

  4. It feels this guy hates hikaru and is loving magnus beating him

  5. I have nothing but respect for Hikaru as the insanely skilled chess player he is, but every head must bow and every tongue must confess: Magnus is the GOAT

  6. Epic vid from an upcoming chess channel
    – bruh

  7. Hikaru is strong af, because he has won agaisnt magnus many times. I understand why magnus is so happy after beating hikaru, because he knows how strong hikaru is

  8. dude you're amazing, making some of the best content and only just starting out literally the goat

  9. Man this is the first video I've watched of yours and I really loved it. The way you presented this game…wah πŸ€ŒπŸ’–

  10. Nahhh lil ludman cut it out πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸͺ¦

  11. The fact that Magnus also won the rapid world championship after winning blitz makes it even more crazier.

  12. Proud of being same country Nodirbek Abdusattorov

  13. I don't play chess that often I only know how the pieces move, but seeing this match being explained is entertaining

  14. it's interesting to see how happy magnus was when he won the game because he usually doesn't show that much emotions yk

  15. It's okay how Conroe if you will lose this time maybe when the next time

  16. Please stop constantly changing angles and highlighting pieces. It makes it very frustrating to look at the board.

  17. Dude sounds like he's narrating while passing a kidney stone.

  18. Love the edit – make it so intense, without taking self too seriously

  19. The thing is what I've learned is no matter how good you are, sometimes we miss things and lose, so thats why magnus Is the best

  20. bro said " and that was the end for Hikaru" like 8 times

  21. I actually cried when Hikaru lost 😒

  22. chess is so hard i cant win againts beginners lol

  23. Bro he looked so sad even with a big medal around his neck

  24. magnus is starting to fall apart due his alcohol in take

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