When Magnus Crushed Hikaru Nakamura

Magnus Carlsen was a two in a row World Blitz Champion, when he met Hikaru in the 2019 World Blitz Finals.. Both players being extremely talented in the format, it was going to have to be a close match.. But things didn’t go quite as planned for Hikaru…

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  1. Hikaru is a great player but his bad luck he was born in magnus time.

  2. magnus crushed him every time i thought ..maybe odd game here or there

  3. you put a spoiler about who will win in the title….

  4. at 4:06 didnt magnus have a forced mate? rxh7, kxh7, qh5, kg8 and ne7 mate

  5. Not gonna lie but these two look like they can be brothers….,. obviously half siblings

  6. Hikaru at the end of the video finding the move that lost him the game and the sequence of moves that wins him the game is the explanation of that face 😂😂

  7. Hello @Classical, Can we have a meeting to discuss how you create your videos. I am looking to learn from you. Thank you

  8. i feel like magnus planned out the whole match. Maybe Hikaru is too predictable in responses.

  9. Yyyeeesss magnus wins. But i feel bad for hikaru

  10. Bro i thought magnus and hikaru was the same person 💀

  11. the faces of both players next to Magnus is that of an angry spoiled brat. Are chess players generally like this?

  12. This fight is Crazy Bro and it only took 4:36 Seconds and minutes

  13. This channel is really good. Thank you!😀

  14. The two greatest chess players ever…. 👑

  15. Being so much better than anyone else but there's this one guy that you never beat in the long run is endlessly frustrating.
    You're a true genius, but that one mf is just something else, that's infuriating.
    Probs to the King though, Magnus is great!

  16. This video is great if you watch it muted. Get out of here with this voice over..

  17. Please avoid changing perspective so often, its quite hard to actually visually follow the game without pausing.

  18. study English with Duy Anh & Phương Thảo says:

    Where does Magnus Carlsen

  19. Classical did hikaru’s face so dirty 😂

  20. Bro Disrespected Hikaru By Making His Face Chubby And small

  21. Lysergic Brainwave Thrawthingal Byeblathingal says:

    lol 4:33 they rub it in by having Hikaru standing RIGHT there while they hand him the trophy! Magnus shouldda held the trophy 2 inches in front of Hikaru's face wiggling it back & fourth a bunch or times sticking his tongue out & saying "nanny nanny boo-boo, you get NOTHING!…again."

  22. As someone who has never lost to Magnus, Hikaru probably needs some advice from me

  23. Why the Magnus didn’t play at 4:08 ?
    Rxh7 Qxh7
    Kh5+ Qg8
    Nf7+ …
    I think it was the best move

  24. Nothing wrong with 2 place.Both are awsome players representing their nations

  25. 0:46 Hikaru: So stupid of me. Played that really badly. It's mate in 37…

  26. And then I watched Hikaru play Marvel Snap… and I felt better knowing I could demolish him in that, lol.

  27. 𝖉𝖊𝖕𝖙𝖍𝖕𝖍𝖎𝖘 • 11 Years ago says:

    The ultra gm Magnus, stockfish, your father when u were a kid😂

  28. i love this guy classical keep up the awesome videos

  29. 4:07 white was able to checkmate
    1.Rook takes h7,if King takes rook,Qh5 check,Black king moves on g8,and Knight e7 was checkmate
    2.if black king doesn't take the rook and plays g8,then knight e7 check,king takes rook and Qh5 is checkmate again

  30. Isn‘t it unfair that Hikaru had black and Magnus white?

  31. is hilarious to see hikaru so devastated while standing on the podium

  32. Magnus Carlsen missed mate in 3 when he moved his rook to H4

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