When Magnus Carlsen Destroyed Hikaru Nakamura

Magnus Carlsen was 1st at the end of 21 round blitz championship. However, another powerful contender, Hikaru Nakamura was also tied for 1st with Magnus, leading the two beasts to finally take on a 1v1 in playoffs to determine the World Blitz Champion. Game 1 of the playoffs resulted in a draw which meant that Game 2 would decide the champion. Watch till the end to see who takes home the blitz crown!


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  1. Full game analysis linked above the title of this video 🙂

  2. Can you find the mate in 3 that Magnus missed during the game? 🤔

  3. Your editing is really good hope this goes viral

  4. Hikaru always looks so disappointed when he loses against magnus lol

  5. You said he's the world champion, that's ding liren

  6. hikaru didnt check use the queen to trap the king, probably intimidated with magnus.

  7. Magnus instead of using 5% of his potential desided to use 10% and won easily

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