When Magnus Carlsen Destroyed Hikaru Nakamura

Magnus Carlsen was 1st at the end of 21 round blitz championship. However, another powerful contender, Hikaru Nakamura was also tied for 1st with Magnus, leading the two beasts to finally take on a 1v1 in playoffs to determine the World Blitz Champion. Game 1 of the playoffs resulted in a draw which meant that Game 2 would decide the champion. Watch till the end to see who takes home the blitz crown!


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  1. Hikaru is a kid against Magnus 😂😂

  2. so you're just gonna skip the fact that Magnus missed forced mate with Rxh7 ?

  3. Its so weird how people act like magnus and hikaru are rivals. Its never been close. Magnus has always been far above hikaru.

  4. Magnus has become the thorn in the flesh for most chess grandmasters

  5. whos voice is that? ive heard them on many channels lately lol

  6. Hikaru is Neymar; Wesley So is Ronaldo; and Magnus is Messi.

  7. 2022 was Hikaru's year, if i remember correctly Magnus never won that year against Hikaru, idk just correct me guys if i'm wrong

  8. It was clear the first time that Magnus will win because the man standing holding the trophy was wearing a black suit, between the two Magnus was the one wearing the black suit 😅

  9. Magnus is like Messi and Hikaru is like Ronaldo

  10. >Hikaru notices
    >Desperate for luck
    This commentary is pretty bad

  11. In fact taking on f7 with the knight is a blunder. Magnus had mate in 3. Rook takes H7 would be the right move, followed by Queen h5, and Knight e7 checkmate.

  12. Unfortunate for a legend like Hikaru to be around at the same time as MAGNUS.

  13. hikaru's downfall? Hikaru is not fallen ….he is still 2nd bitch

  14. Nope.He also gets thrilled when Magnus playing the same event

  15. Why do they like each other? I was confused who's who

  16. Not really destroy, he is barely above hikaru

  17. I hate that Hikaru can’t get past magnus

  18. Nah youtube i seen on damn short dont start pumping chees jn my algorithm

  19. What is the animation app you used in the video

  20. Is just me or you sound like @TerrariaSlime

  21. Hikaru is gonna go Super Saiyyan one of these days.😭

  22. I Heard that Magnus stopped playing chess defending his championship streak is this correct

  23. So magnus basically Fu** him 💀😂🤣🤣🤣👌🏻

  24. Never see an arab guy playing this game especially muslim

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