When Blitz Chess turns into a MARATHON

This video features my long and intense blitz game against FM Oleg Zujev from the 3rd round of the 2024 Fujairah Blitz Tournament. See the full Fujairah Blitz playlist here:


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  1. I love these videos of your games with your commentary playing over it, but I really love that you didn't start the round and gave them time to get to the board.

  2. Arghjh youre such a nerd and its fantastic

  3. The music transition was so cinematic, great music choice as well!

  4. Not only waiting for the opponent but also arranging his opponents pieces to be centered for him feels like such an Eric thing to do

  5. At 5:41 when bishop was at f5 then: pawn takes bishop, queen takes bishop check, king moves and then queen takes knight? Wouldn't it be a very good position for white?

  6. You can have your phone with you?

    Mind blown

  7. thank you for the great content! you helped my understanding of chess grow a ton

  8. That's very kind of you to wait for the opponent even if he was late❤

  9. I've been hovering around 1000 elo for a while as i have started in September last year.

    I really want to thank you eric for your videos. It's very helpful.

    But to be honest.. what've found that chess needs commitment to actually try to achieve a good amateur level . In other words every opening needs to be studied 😅 However the best thing about chess it's the same game since it started.

    Thanks Eric 👍

  10. Hi Eric I try to watch all your games and learn as I go but how do you make money as expert

  11. Can I ask to show more queen gambit that my favorite opening

  12. Its refreshing to see an ultra-competitve type guy carry himself with such grace and sportsmanship.
    A marker of true confidence, well played sir

  13. even a head scratch makes the play by play 😂

  14. Great video Eric! I liked the choice to just show the board at the end.

  15. at 5:41 would BxG6 work? queen recaptures with check and then wins the piece back on h5? basically wins a pawn and prevents black playing Queen g5 after sacrifice on h3

  16. i wish naroditsky was in this tournament playing ericc

  17. notice how everyone started watching their game

  18. I wondered why there was no video yesterday but now I understand you were still playing this marathon struggle. I hope you had a good time playing, and although it's not totally relevant playing out a long drawn ending in a clean comfortable air-conditioned playing hall is better than working on steel girders 600 feet above the burning desert. Sometimes we as players forget and/or take for granted how good we've got it while some people really do struggle to survive. Thx for the game – enjoyed.

  19. Eric could have probably won this game on time (pressure), if he would have started the clock and didn't remind his opponent about it. Paired with this opening time advantage, his opponent would have had use pressure and might not have played this well…

    Big Compliment on your Sportsmanship! @EricRosen

  20. The takeaways from this game are:

    1) Chess is a draw. You have to accept that I even if you dont like it.

    Always attack if you can but sometimes if its not there, you have to accept its not and be comfortable playing for equality.

    2) (somewhat counter-intuitively to the first), if you’re going to attack, *attack*.

    People are not computers and they make mistakes, especially in sharp positions and fast time controls.

    If the goal was to win, i think you couldve sac’d the knight and trusted your tactical vision (one of your strengths) in a techinically losing but very sharp position. Material isnt as important as position and thats something to remember when you are playing weaker players.

    However, if your goal is to become a better chess player Eric, focus on number 1. You might get tactics against lower rated players but that wont work against GMs so you played properly but its the ability to recognize the rare times that you just have to accept the attack isnt there in the middlegame and resign yourself to a draw.

    Very well played and well fought. Love these recaps.

    You’re the best ❤

  21. the opponents little laugh to himself when you played pawn f4 was so funny, like a super villain who is finally being tested
    (also obviously huge props to you for not starting the clock early, such a credit to your character. Should be What Would Rosen Do)

  22. it looked to me that when you played Ng2, you could've doubled your rooks on the e-file first.

  23. It sounds very noisy in there, is that normal, Eric?

  24. Beyond lucky for your FM opponent to miss Rd5. I’m 2000 and found it in 2-3 seconds. Luck master Eric

  25. Who was the opponent? Had you not seen his name in the pairings?

  26. The dramatic music is very ‘Age of Empires-esque’

  27. Ah, that sinking feeling when you're burning time and your opponent is just blitzing out moves.

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