When arch rivals meet- Magnus Carlsen vs Hikaru Nakamura

Encounters between Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura are always very exciting. Both of them are arch rivals of each other and want to fight until the bitter end. This game was played in the Tata Steel Chess India Rapid 2019. You can find the complete video here:

In this video we have shortened the original video and also put in a digital board, so that you can follow the games better.

Video: ChessBase India
Edited by Shahid Ahmed

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  1. What happened I did not understand? Where's the tie in this? 😭

  2. So the hikaru time ended and magnus won right?

  3. 7:08 Magnus could take the rook on D7 when Hikaru play queen d5.

  4. magnus carlsen just put th rook its a checkmate because theres a pawn

  5. It's really amazing to watch guys who are better at one thing than I will ever be at anything in my life. Mastery.

  6. 7:16 I have a question
    Why couldn't Hikaru move the castle A5, A8, G8, G7, then get the king out of that position?

  7. at 7:08 why did magnus go for a queen trade instead of taking the rook with his queen?

  8. Hikaru likes to look at the sky when thinking !
    Maybe there's a cheat over there 😎😎

  9. I wish chess was commentated on live TV the same way UFC is

  10. 7:05 If Magnus gave the check by placing rook at H8 then he can easily get The queen or if couldn't then ,
    By placing queen on C3 in next move and then by giving check again by rook at H7 and Sacrificing his rook, he can get the Queen

  11. If Hakiru had at least 2 minutes he could have pulled a draw but he had just 8 seconds so he was gonna lose on time anyway so GG

  12. So I watched the whole match just so they can shake hands at the end?

  13. What these jobless audiance watching can they see gameplay from that distance

  14. And they look like the Asian and white version of one another

  15. I might be wrong but on min 7:04. If Magnus does check with the rook, then check with the queen C3, wouldn’t magnus take hikaru’s queen ?

  16. I am surprised Magnus missed a pretty easy win at 7:01. It goes Rh8+ Kg7 Qc3+ Qf6 Rh7+ Kxh7 Qxf6

  17. just one pion could actually decided whos the winner

  18. Legend has it the concession stand sold out of lozenges.

  19. I don't know anything of this Game… But i enjoy to look..,,,. I'm asking myself… Whyyyyyyyyyyy!!!?!?????

  20. this is how chess matches should be filmed, i see too much bad quality cam setups that cant even see the board followed by about 13 virtual chessboards on the screen for analysis

  21. तुम ऊषा आंटी और विशवास भईया वाला शतरंज को खेला करो

  22. horse gives support to soldier.
    hail the lord!

  23. This is not a rivalry. This is a massacre

  24. When magnus moved Rc7 on 7:05 but he should move Rh8 that will win a queennnnnnn!

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