When a Super GM Forgets his Move! #shorts

It’s an error that you won’t find even unrated players making. But it just goes to show that even the best of the best are human beings after all and prone to errors. 🥲

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Super GM??? Last time i checked he never been a 2700’s. So nah! Not a super GM. 😂

  2. That moment when you realise right after you make the move…

  3. O cara capturou com a torre indo pra diagonal? Kkkkk

  4. Rules stipulate you must actually capture the Knight and do a victory dance in the opponent's face for the victory to be complete.

  5. Lol the End of the World, all life is lost music.. it happens

  6. Me sitting with 700elo losing 2 pieces In 3min blitz.
    " You could take another one too. "
    But could you mate me in 3min. 🤣

  7. When super GM makes blunder….I have an excuse to make 😂😂😂

  8. У меня он бы и без двух коней выграл, не расстраивайся Кузмич

  9. I dont even have a move, i just go with the flow i win 10% of the time

  10. He is Harikrisna Penteala from India !!! Alll chessplayers Made blunders .It's not new .God bless You always!!

  11. But in big games they expect you to play better. That's why the opponent is disappointed. At this level you are not supposed to blunder in such fashion.

  12. that mean i can be more relax now everytime i hang my queen, since gm do the same mistake

  13. Man went through the 7 stages on grief in about 30 seconds.

  14. That handshake was really impressive. I don't think I have seen anything like that

  15. This is why you should always bring water because wayer stimulates your brain and look at his lips so dry sign that he forgot to drink

  16. The other player is so disappointed in that blunder 😀

  17. He is gonna have several knightmares about that blunder

  18. The Waffle House has found its new host

  19. obviously too easy to get a GM or IM title nowadays……. and such thing as a super GM by the way….. crap video just for cash!

  20. Believe it or not a GM can blunder a piece prolly easier than a 2000 rated player because the GM is running more variations in his head while the lower rated player ( I'm not talking patzers but good players are not running their lines that deep so they usually don't hang a piece …of course in time trouble it's another story …they'll give the house away

  21. Too much Gulab Jamun? as if that's even possible… lol 🤣

  22. The Waffle House has found its new host.

  23. кто знает там что случилось?

  24. Lol he cried about it. Must be his first game.

  25. I didn't think anand would ever make a mistake like that but i guess it happens.

  26. That's why stockfish hides from a real world. It scares to be a human.

  27. Are you literally forced to give up at this point for a human, I've seen too many stockfish analysis where it can bounce back in just one move

  28. maybe i shouldn’t but i’m assuming something was going on in his personal life, they say your never at your full potential if your mental isn’t there.

  29. It was actually a positional sacrifice he just didn't calculate 57 moves ahead and see the checkmate haha. Jobava got lucky😂

  30. It shows he is mentally not prepared for Match.

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