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  1. Hikaru and other chess professionals: Punctual, always well dressed

    Magnus Carlson: “iM wOrLd cHamP dErp dE DerP”

  2. Isnt magnet the guy whining about buttplugs?

  3. I swear Magnus does this fashionably late bullshit to get inside his opponents' heads. If I was playing him and he was late, I'd tell the moderator to start the clock, time is money 🤑

  4. AyToCaramba aysoSIAMBAᱱᱪ記念ジャーナリズム賞ᱡᱫ says:

    Mans dont care anymore being the worlds greatest chest player of all time

  5. He want drop the opponent moods. 😂

  6. Le suprême du étudiants dans Hong Kong says:

    Maybe Magnus went making love and wasn't available

  7. that’s called disrespectful not chad move

  8. “Pretty easily” yeah because Magnus was legit gone half the game 😂😂

  9. Cloths Gambit, very smart. Especially in a summer.

  10. So does every number one chess player just do whatever the fuck they want no matter what

  11. Magnus does this a lot.
    Either he's terrible with keeping himself punctual or he simply likes tardiness.
    Any way you slice it, he comes across as someone who cant be bothered to respect his opponent by being present at the scheduled time for his matches.

  12. and then magnus sacrificed……..MAGNUS CARLSENNNNNNNNNNN

  13. That’s some Bobby Fisher type shit right there 🥶

  14. imagine to be a world champion and not being able to buy an alarm clock

  15. My guy took take your time to a whole new level

  16. When you can’t win, act like you didn’t try to win.
    – SunTzu

  17. Magnus is more disrespect than hikaru💀

  18. Bro got that advanced theory in the Shirt Gambit

  19. Magnus walks around like he’s the king. Granted, he is at the moment 😂 but given the long run, discipline beats talent. Nakamura will become champ someday!

  20. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  21. magnus is farming clips on purpose , smh

  22. Hikaru was (understandably) like: wtf-

  23. Bro hikaru didn't get the last laugh he was annoyed his opponent threw the game

  24. Fake

    He was shirtless AFTER he left…look at the times…cheap as hell..

  25. He's busy smashing hot girls, while Hikaru not

  26. He sometimes does it purpose. Because he's good at blitz and he plays a lot of those mind games with his opponent. Just to rage them. I think a new rule might come soon for his conduct.

  27. Hikaru wasn't prepared for Magnus' shirt gambit.

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