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  1. Honestly there's a difference between flexing and being disrespectful, making your opponent wait like that is unsportsmanlike, Magnus deserves this L.

  2. Tal: Sacrifice queen
    Magnus: Sacrifice time

  3. What I want to know is, did Magnus lose on time?

  4. Did Magnus Carlson play against him or run out of time

  5. Bro.
    Just give me my fuckin Chess anime already

  6. The 3 Magnus’.
    Magnus Carlsen
    Magnus Latenessen
    And finally, Magnus Drunkensen. 🤣🤣

  7. And then he sacrifices… THE SHIRTTTTT

  8. So happy he didn't win. Seems kind unsportsmanlike

  9. I'm sorry but Magnus He's an a**** in a disgrace to the sport

  10. Hikaru premoves half the game

  11. Why is Magnus always late

    PS: I have a short Christmas story video

  12. Hikari so tired of magnus, he bout to load that choppeer and put the rain on magnus,

  13. Magnus just seems like he is absolutely horrible at time management

  14. That’s so disrespectful it doesn’t matter how good you are respect your opponent

  15. That looks funny on first sight.
    But this is so disrespectful from Magnus. This is a clear sign that he underestimate his opponent.

  16. Sometimes I wonder how this guy became top 1. Bro is taking a shower while playing chess

  17. With how often Magnus does stuff like this I’m starting to think it’s a nervous thing. He’s afraid to lose and this lessens the blow if he does. It’s a self sabotaging trait. Plus it looks even better if he wins

  18. I feel like this type of shit has started happening a lot with Magnus. It’s hilarious don’t get me wrong but I think it’s a lil disrespectful

  19. Magnus Carlsen in the future:
    > shows up during a hair cut
    > finished hair cut with 10 seconds left
    > proceeds to en passant checkmate with 0.3 seconds left

  20. If its with other player Insee it he might win and I might call that chad, but with Hikaru that just a no.

  21. this feels like something fischer would've done if he returned to chess

  22. Magnus will be always late whether it is online or offline…
    Late comer award goes to MAGNUS 🤡

  23. magnus is the king of mind games…sometimes

  24. This is a manipulation tactic. Chess is such a meticulous game so when someone acts out of the ordinary, the opponent gets confused.

  25. Not gonna lie, this kind of behavior results in one of two things: U win and u are a giga chad that is just so much above the competition that u dont need to care or u lose and now you are just a talented but overconfident and undisciplined player

  26. he's not playing chess he is playing a mental game

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