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  1. I’ve never heard my name pronounced Right in the states until I started getting into chess and heard people talking about hikaru 😭

  2. bro was playing Fortnite and chess at the same time

  3. i think he has lost his love for chess. i feel sorry for all his opponents who aren't even taken seriously.

  4. I guess his Miyamoto Musashi plan failed in the end.🤷‍♂️

  5. Chess nerds try not to worship Magnus challenge (impossible)

  6. Bro played 4D chess…. and still lost the game…

  7. lmao he should have left again then came back in a new outfit 😂😂😂

  8. How come everyone calls this guy a chad for lack of respect?

  9. Magnus sees mate in 150 moves with 4 pawn moves 😂😂

  10. Mind games really matter when you have been dominant for so long.

  11. Magnus is so good at chess he doesn't even want to play now a days

  12. It’s disrespectful to keep your opponent waiting no?

  13. New to chess and i genuinely dont know why u guys like this guy, seems like he has a pretty fragile ego, against weak opponents he's all in and trashes them, but with someone actually good like hikaru he's gonns go full disrespect mode so when he does lose ppl still call him cool and he wasnt using 100% of his power

  14. So is magnus Carlson actually good or is it just a joke to say he is. I literally don’t know anything about chess

  15. i understand his annoyment since it's professional but i would be laughing my ass off

  16. Magnus is such a bozo disagree if your also a looser

  17. Bruh this is just very disrespectful…not a sigma move

  18. I stg Hikaru is going to knock down Magnus' door one day

  19. He was still masterbedding,he cant just leave like that

  20. Magnus definitely had a girl off camera.

  21. Magnus gonna pull up for his next match in a Halloween costume

  22. Magnus after getting done with his girl proceeds to sacrifice THE GAME For round 2 with no towels this time 😈

  23. “Hikaru doesn’t look too happy, I’m not even sure Magnus is wearing pants” wild line tbh

  24. Pow: u fucking tired of seeing ….. sacrifised his ….. comments

  25. I like how drunk and late Magnus are winners but shirtless magnus is a loser

  26. MORALLY, it's disgusting. PERSONALLY, I like it. says:

    Was Magnus…you know, getting the king to the queen, uh.. swinging Deez knight, nah I'm bad at this. Was my guy getting laid??? Wait, was he home? Actually, my theory still stands

  27. Showing up late to a chess match in his underwear is such a magnus thing to do

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