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  1. How it feels to play bots in cool math games

  2. Kind of nice to see Magnus lose after being disrespectful.

  3. @Gothamchess Well at least show us his final move or how he won fucker, (believe it or not there are people here who are interested in chess dipshit), if you're gonna throw a hasty short on YouTube, especially regarding a chess match of this magnitude, do mention the details and the play, glasses, thanks 🙂

  4. he just made his opponents angry and nervous taking up thier ablities to analyze and think calmly and you know what comes next and ez win

  5. What kinda sportsman behaves like this? It's honestly shameful.

  6. His mom called after he wore his shirt, so he abandoned the ranked match. A real gigachad move.

  7. This is false because the crime also really harms the economy so it evens out

  8. I can't wait for "by gawd it's Magnus Carlsen with the STEEL CHAIR!"

  9. i get the feeling he didn’t do it on purpose

  10. When you’re too good to even care about winning or losing

  11. he's trying to complete a side quest while also doing a main quest at the same time

  12. Serbia was a country all the way back in 1166 in the rule of Stefan Nemanja.

  13. It could be a technique that he implies to confuse his opponents,
    Hikari, however
    Was not confused

  14. Rename the channel- Magnus Carlson fan club

  15. "imagine being the world chess champion and this much of a chad" bobby fischer was a nazi

  16. if he won this that would prolly be the most badass win ever done in chess

  17. You’re the biggest meat rider of magnus carlsen

  18. Chess should have a one minute timer which resets every time you finish your turn

  19. The comment section never disappoints ☠️🤣

  20. Sometimes it seems like a publicity stunt…….

  21. from what I know of him, Magnus Carlsen plays chess with the same sort of respect esport players have for their opponents. I thought chess would have been more of a gentleman sport.

  22. top 5 best players
    Drunk Magnus
    Late Magnus
    Shirtless Magnus

  23. jokes aside, this is kind of disrespect for the opponent tbh

  24. I don't think he was doing it on purpose, I'd assume he overslept or something, he should know hikaru is a good player

  25. If hikaru didn't win the game..this would be in a giga Chad edit

  26. Magnus is just so good that he done calculated the whole game in his head and it wasn’t worth his time he already won the game. You just don’t know that because you’re not on his level

  27. Magnus Chadson annoying Hikaru with his shenanigans again

  28. Magnus and Hikaru's relationship is that of two siblings playing pranks at each other.

  29. Welcome to the multiverse of chess
    Magnus : my variants are doing good

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