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Hello this is David Sullivan from Chess NYC again, today I’d like to talk to you about blitz chess and use of a chess clock.

Most serious chess games are timed, and actually that’s a really good thing. I think a lot of people are under the impression that chess is a really slow game, when actually it often is an extremely fast game.

One popular form of the game is called five minute blitz. On the clock face each side has five minutes, there’s a button that corresponds to each side of the clock. When one person moves, they move, and with the same hand that they touch the piece, they touch their side of the clock. When they touch their side of the clock, their own times stops and their opponents time starts. Then their opponent makes a move, and touches the clock. And you keep making moves and hitting the clock, until either one side wins the game, there’s a checkmate or a draw result, or somebody runs out of time on the clock. If you run out of time on the clock, you lose.

My personal addiction, is one minute blitz on the internet, in fact a friend of mine calls that video chess crack. Where you play, each side has one minute to make every move in the whole game, so that the entire game of chess will last less than two minutes. You’re packing the whole thing into less than two minutes and it produces a thrill which is unusual and it’s so addictive, that’s why he calls it what I called it, it’s the best game in the world.


  1. Nice explanation and now I want to try the one minute chess

  2. I don’t play OTB chess with any less than 10 minutes unless i’m showing off to someone unfamiliar with chess, but bullet or 1 minute blitz, as he called it is a nice way to get a breath of fresh air. Chess has been on my mind 24/7 for well over a month now and i don’t think i’d be able to stay sane without the 1 minute games full of illogical moves and funny blunders.

  3. 1 minute blitz is so addictive but hardly feels like chess lol

  4. I see where the amount of seconds left on the clock go up and down. Why would that be? Example player one only has 3 seconds left. Makes move then there is 5 seconds on his clock.

  5. where do you play internet chess?i would like to play against you sometime:)

  6. even when he doesn't smile he still smiles


  8. Wow, one minute?! That's good training to apply thought patterns to employ when we're on a date, how not to screw up early… Etc… We gotta love chess…

  9. in blitz chess will my opponent have the power to touch any pieces if i not press the clock, is it legal or illegal ?

  10. i think as a noob who doesnt know any machevellian strategies i can actually win a timeout victory with blitz ;P

  11. i love that board how can i buy one of those !?

  12. bro try to make some eye contact with the camera😌

  13. Why does this man keeps smiling like a phyco?😂

  14. All y'all hatin' on the smile. Smh. The dudes got passion. He's enthused. More power to ya, Chess Man.

  15. Where I can buy that chess clock? Or what kind of clock is that?

  16. Wow, 2 minutes for the game makes my head hurt….LOL

  17. i think he really is addicted to real crack, not just chess crack

  18. It will be called Crack Chess or Meth Chess, you have only 30 seconds to move your pieces and then the time goes down and you get the drill

  19. This guy always seems happy.
    It makes me smile as well.

  20. Can anyone help with a rule:


    During a Blitz game with both opponents down to a few seconds, a player says he is going to pause the clock (and does so) to find the Queen as he promotes a Pawn, but before replacing the Pawn with the Queen in hand, he realizes his king is in Check.

    A. Does he lose for pausing the clock while in Check?

    B. Does he get to take back the move as he is not allowed to make an illegal move?

    C. Does he get to take back the move, but there is some sort of penalty and his opponent gets extra time added to his clock?

    D. Something else?

  21. Awesome.The man talks politely with pleasant expressions.

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