What did Alexander Grischuk point out after the game? | Kateryna Lagno vs Arjun Erigaisi

It was the final round of the Satty Zhuldyz Chess Festival Blitz 2023 and GM Arjun Erigaisi (2737) faced GM Kateryna Lagno (2508) after three straight losses. Arjun was looking to end the tournament on a high as his hopes of winning the tournament were already over but these youngsters know how to make a comeback. Can he finish the tournament with a win and what did GM Alexander Grischuk point out after the game? Watch the video to see what happened.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. She had him by the ballz but let them slip away

  2. Lol that’s scared play. She’s not risking anything by continuing to play for the win.

  3. May be that he asked her why did she not arrange the pieces after the game?

  4. The way Arjun arranged the pieces after game shows his Discipline towards game….

  5. She agreeded to a draw in a wining position.

  6. переволновалась… сперва был досадный blunder, а после не смогла дожать.

  7. Arjun always on the ropes. But if there's one thing he has taught me, its COUNTERPLAY. You won't believe how much people mess up.

  8. Sasha basically said, youre so dumb honey, you were winning

  9. Is it only me who noticed arjun's rating mentioned in the beginning is 2737 was it not 2705 and gukesh has 2737

  10. she accepted a draw in a winning position.

  11. It was interesting to see Arjun pushing harder with his Rook❤

  12. with all due respect to Alexander Grischuk, She is a very beautiful woman. 🥂

  13. The endgame was easily won by Lagno if she had played b7 Kxb7. and 68. Kd5, Kc8 69. c6, Re1 70.Kd6 and after Rd1+ the white king comes to f7 and the pawn promotes. 1-0

    However there was an earlier and more beautiful win for white @5:50. Lagno played 28.Nd7+, but 28.Rb8 would have won. 28…Rxb8 29. Nd7+, Kg7 30. Nxb8, Re6 31.Bxa7 and the a-pawn will promote.

  14. Great game by Lagno. b7 in the final position was not that hard to find tho

  15. Very well played by Kateryna none the less!!!

  16. Dang, little miss doll face almost pulled one over on Arjun. That's the closest i've seen him come to losing. Gotta stay sharp around those pretty faces!

  17. At the beginning of the video it's like Arjun Erigaisi is threatening his opponent.

  18. She was winning if she played pawn b7 .I guess she was okey with draw .Thats why she didnt push

  19. Woman GM cant accept the fact they can win against Man GM .it is all mindset .She was there for draw and she got it

  20. It's very easy as spectators, even me I saw b7! winning, but Im sure arjun and grischuk saw that, Lagno is nervous with seconds on the clock, but well played from the lady

  21. Actually she is winning position bt she dont know that😂😂😂
    Arjun is going to lose position bt he hid it he acted very well😂😂😂if carlsen were in the position of arjun five steps before he would say resign😅😅😅

  22. Es una lastima q Katherine no haya podido materializar esa ventaja q tenía, tan fácil como b7 y Rd5

  23. She is a classy lady. I'm not sure hubby rushing up to show her where she goofed is the best idea he had that week.

  24. I must say, this style of video is really great. No commentary but in exchange you get live view of the players to see their emotions. And the eval bar on the side of the board helping to tell the story, of course sometimes it might point out inhumane wins, but when you see the players following moves corresponding with the bar, you know they found something.

  25. He was saying to his wife …. Why didnot his wife take the pawn between bishop and rook …. Good observation. …. Even Arjun accepted it ….

    I hope her husband too plays chess

  26. retire Arjun its clear u peaked and are now in steep decline

  27. She could sacrifice the knight on b4 for two pawns, b4 and a2 then plant something on d5, excellent outpost! 7:26 Aronian with a nice suit lol!

  28. She likes using that bishop. My opinion at 900 elo. Lower rated games knights are better, higher rated games bishops.

  29. you know you made it in chess when
    grischuk norris evaluates your game

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