WFM Fatality (1964) vs Tweedledee (1258). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Blitz

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  1. O garoto ficou desconcentrado. Eu também ficaria.🤣🤣

  2. How old is the kid, and how old was he when he started playing?

  3. Give me all the Tweedledee playlist please, he is my favorite player from now on! HAHA

  4. But …hu lost ?🤔 I don't like thad Kwon one not tel thad ? …..and yes I don't know anything for playin chess …Why hiding hu wings?

  5. Какой умненький малыш!

  6. Can anyone please explain me why they are not using their names?

  7. Amazing, but the early rook lift was a big clue it wasn't gonna work out well. Develop all your piece first kid – then you can beat this dishwasher.

  8. Фаталити нарвалась на ответный огонь глаз :)) Этого соперника ей не пересмотреть 🙂

  9. At that same age Capablanca was already a genius

  10. is this tweedledum and alice little brother? They all play very well for their ages, Alice is very creative imo for so young. They seem to enjoy playing , thats great!

  11. imagine that my wife and my son battle chess

  12. I like how focused the kid is on his attack on Black's king, not too worried about losing some material. He is a future champ.

  13. Hmmm.. could Tweedledee be losing his enthusiasm for chess!?!1?

  14. never seen him smiling alot like this 😂😂😂❤

  15. Yavrucuk masayada yetişmiyor maşallah Allah'ım yaratmış bıraktı

  16. Masaya bakıp bakıp düşünmüyor başka taraflara bakıyor sorumluluğunda çok ilginç çocuk dahi inş

  17. If you just dont move against Tweedledee for 2 min he will be too distracted to play 😀

  18. Tweedledum is a Genius ! I don't care so much for this fatality girl, she's ok, but when he'll be at her age, he will eat anyone alive !

  19. using a screenshot of his yawn for clickbate?

  20. -Awwhhhhhhhhh another day in the office (с) Tweedledee

  21. Yes when the penny drops that he can impress girls with his chess he’ll never lose another game.

  22. I found the result with that smile in the beginning…😂but

  23. notice how he quickly glances at the board then stares off? I can hear his brain picturing the board and processing.

  24. Tweedledee let her win because he loves her secretly.

  25. Почему все коментарии на вонючем английском?

  26. how old is he and for how long is he playing?

  27. If they spent more time studying the board rather than staring off into space they'd probably win more!

  28. 3:50
    كان بأمكانه الفوز لكن لا اعرف بماذا كان يفكر اعتقد انه معجب بها

  29. как он считает не глядя на доску?)))

  30. Every single video of this little guy that I see he is losing the game

  31. I'd like to play a game with fatality ! 😊

  32. Мальчик играет как будто ему глубоко по хрену чего получится в итоге. Даже если его заставляли играть, то была хоть какая то заинтересованность. А тут полных пофигизм.

    С другой стороны, его рейтинг на него не с неба упал.

    Единственное хоть какое то вменяемое объяснение, включая и то что он просто так отдал две фигуры и то что отправился ставить мат двумя фигурами (ладьёй и ферзём, ибо белого слона быстро подтянуть не получится), что очевидно не получится в такой ситуации, это то что он хотел (или по каким то причинам должен был) проиграть тёте.

  33. He’s just too cute for this game ❤

  34. I was impressed when he didnt focus on the board between moves but still moved decisively. Then he lost a knight to the queen because he wasnt looking. So there went my impression.

  35. Самая классная шахматистка которую я видел! С удовольствием смотрю её партии .

  36. Bermain catur tanpa melihat..
    Dia luar kepala dalam setiap serangan lawan 😂😂😅

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