WFM Fatality (1932) vs FM Agent Smith (2277). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Blitz

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  1. Fatality🙂 wind the game after creative endgame🍎and lot of chess talk🌞well done🌿both💆💇

  2. Fatality y el Agent Smith siempre hacen una gran partida.

  3. Muy buena partida 😊👏👍

  4. Лиза показывает зубки)

  5. i like it when 2 good players castle opposite early..always leads to such dynamic play

  6. Nice game!
    Fatality received a winning position, which she improved very nicely.
    8:25 Re2? could have been an expensive mistake. After Qa3! Rf7! (to protect against the mate thread on a2, Rxb2?? Qd3+ would even lose a rook and the game) Qa5! Rxb2 Qe1+, there would be no better way-out than perpetual check via Qc1 Qe4+ Qc2 (Rc2? or Ka1? would both lose the rook on f7) Qe1+ (Qxc2+? Kxc2 Bxf7 would end in a slightly better endgame for white).
    But that's a disgusting engine line which no amateur player would be able to spot with only a few seconds left on the clock.

    In the final position (wQc2 and bQd7), instead of repetition of moves, the exchange sacrifice Rxg8+!! Kxg8 Qb3+ (winning the e3 pawn) would still have maintained a clearly winning position for white. But again, this tactics is not easy to spot with only seconds on the clock.

    Great fighting game of both players!

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