We Randomized CHESS And This Happened in FPS Chess

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Play an ordinary game of chess against a friend or a stranger.

However, all your intricate strategies will crumble before the enemy rook’s sniper trick-shot.
All your practiced openings and counters will amount to nothing before the enemy queen’s randomly sprayed machine gun.
You finally checkmate the king. Unfortunately, it seems you are not ready for this fight. 5 seconds in and you’ve been sliced in half by the king’s sword.
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  1. nice video keep up the good work 👍

  2. What does intern look like the world may never know

  3. Those chess feel like when playing with your friend as kids and somebody just starts throwing the figures at the opponent

  4. Love your videos blitz keep up the great work you put a lot of effort into your videos and if you could can you play a bit more raft so enjoying your vids 😊😊😊😊😊😊

  5. Less go Fps Chess.
    time for
    More illegal chess

  6. I never seen blitz face in my whole childhood

  7. I don't completely understand why we need 2 cams while moving the pieces

  8. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh well you see fortnite x chess crossover??????????? for real?????????????? omg??????????????

  9. Blitz bringing a sword to a gun fight with the old pawn vs new pawn😂

  10. I'm still waiting for cat goes fishing gameplay mate ;-:

  11. I don't know how to explain this but i thought you would be thinner because of your voice

  12. blitz you can pair the bigbolts with the arrow minigun

  13. You look better than I thought 😭 that’s a compliment no homo

  14. It was weird to see Blitz irl. He looks too much like an engineer, only missing the hardhat.

  15. I like how Blitz is warming up showing his face

  16. I came after 1 hour and am proud of myself.

  17. Do you know what is great about headphones with wires no recharge needed

  18. im going to start a conspiracy theory : that's actually Inter & bliz is just dubbing.

  19. I’m listening to this through raycons right now. You were actually the person in one of your old sponsorship videos who got me to get them.😂

  20. Literally this was so fun! Gotta admit, Intern’s skills with the bishop was incredible to watch.

  21. I just realised that I have the same eye color that you have😂

  22. Blitz looks exactly how I imagined him to look. Tbh, very handsome. A welcome surprise

  23. This is my first time seeing you in the 10 years I've been subscribed…
    And tbh I thought you were like 40 😅

  24. This is one of the series that is different every time and I am all here for it

  25. The only thing missing from the ad was, "Thanks for sponsoring my crazy ass, Raycon!" No, wait– that's Gray's line. 😀

  26. another awesome video of blitz and intern, awesome!

  27. Blitz, i am a smol channel and really want to get noticed by you. Your videos are amazing and funny and if you have any tips for gaming and getting vews please tell me. 😊

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