Watch Magnus, Anish, Hikaru, Fabiano, Gukesh & more Fight for Top Seed via Blitz | Norway Chess 2023

The 2023 Norway Chess is an elite over-the-board tournament contested by top grandmasters Magnus Carlsen, Alireza Firouzja, Anish Giri, Wesley So, Hikaru Nakamura, Fabiano Caruana, and more! This year’s event features a kr$2,500,000 prize fund (roughly equivalent to $234,000) and takes place in Stavanger, Norway. The event starts with a blitz tournament, followed by a classical event beginning May 30.

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  9. 20:10 Giri-Carlsen40:05 Nakamura-Abdusattorov1:00:25 Firouzja-Nakamura1:19:50 Nakamura-Caruana1:39:50 Caruana-Carlsen2:00:03 Nakamura-Carlsen2:20:10 Abdusattorov-Firouzja2:40:00 Firouzja-Caruana2:59:40 Carlsen-FirouzjaWish there was more focus on Abdusattorov/Gukesh (easy to say after Abdu won the tourney ofc), but it’s their first time here and we don’t see them play blitz very much.

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  20. i hope that Fabi will win at the last round and make sensation win

  21. It is a shame people don't know who Judith Polgar is?! The strongest woman chess player EVER!!!

  22. Does Shirov get royalties when they say " fire on the board "?

  23. 21:20 Waitaminnit… who shows a top-level blitz tournament without displaying the players' clocks?? Another graphics guru with a very mediocre mind, who needs firing to wake him up….

  24. I can't believe that Magnus arrived late vs. Hikaru and still win by checkmate with the rook at the endgame in a couple of moves…👏👏👏


  25. Excellent day of chess. I kinda hope Hikaru finishes in style. And Anish Giri too.

  26. I love how at 2:05:12 both Magnus and Hikaru take a brief moment to think about the move and then they scratch their head at the same time 😂😂

  27. 🇺🇿 Nodirbek is a champion 🏆👏

  28. Congratulations to the troll that is called: Fabi… His strategy is very clear and started since the FIDE Grand Swiss Tournament 2021: 99% of his preparation is only for Ali, he wins him and always in the final standings he stands behind him… I think we will see it in the next events and probably in the Candidates 2024.

  29. Guy stay chill, this was just a blitz. From tomorrow we'll see serious stuff with classicals

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