Vladislav Artemiev vs Hans Moke Niemann | Blitz chess online 3+0 | Games Compilation | Chess.com

GM sibelephant vs GM HansCoolNiemann
Blitz Online 3+0
Compilation of all matchess ( chess.com )


  1. I love Artemiev's style. I think he has arguments to be considered the 3rd best blitz player after Magnus and Naka

  2. Mana Hans, kok ga pernah on fire lagi? Ada apa dengan Mr. Hans?

  3. Hans, langkah caturnya layak digolongkan kedalam kelompok pecatur pos ronda.

  4. If he’s a cheat, he’s terrible at cheating 🤣🤣

  5. The true Hans seems to evolve, this is circumstantial evidence. He is really not that strong. He loses to everybody! No bot, no Hans! Seems Magnus did the right thing. Hans is a f**king cheater!

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