Vladimir Kramnik vs Arjun Erigaisi | A Game of Extreme Nerves | Satty Zhuldyz Blitz

Managing time in shorter formats becomes extremely crucial to determine the result of the game. In the twentieth round of the Satty Zhuldyz Chess Festival Blitz 2023, the 14th FIDE world chess champion GM Vladimir Kramnik (2712) was up against the Indian super-talent GM Arjun Erigaisi (2737). Watch the video to see what happened in the game.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Kramnik shows his class and also his understanding about his endgame. He did not play yugoslov attack against Dragon but he won .

  2. Kramnk's understanding of chess is way above and beyond any standards available on the field.

  3. Достойное противостояние

  4. Un veterano de guerra hace ver como niños reclutas a estos nuevos GM.

  5. Man, that was shocking 😳 !!! Intense endgame that suddenly became a middle one. Greetings from 🇲🇽 🌿

  6. 01:53 amazing how Kramnik lets only d1 to Erigasi Bishop go.

  7. Wow maybe Kramnik should come back from retirement! Incredibly sound play.

  8. Maybe he retired, but class is there.💪👍

  9. Looks like arjun is back to hitting the clock like a normal person

  10. Why did Arjun not play Re3, giving check & getting the pawn at the same time!? Time scramble, maybe! 🥲

  11. What an interesting position and complicated end game. Well played to both players

  12. Kramnik looks like a falcon always checking at the whole board with small moves of the head from right to left. If you look at the position of the board at the end it looks like white was on Erigaisi side even their king have march the whole board.

  13. Kramnik is the killer !! Erigaisi made many basic mistakes

  14. Erigaisi let White play f6?? unbelievable

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