U. Golofast (1490) vs Tweedledee (1253). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Blitz

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  1. پسر دهنش سرویس شد خیلی رو. داره میخواست تقلب کنه

  2. Alice the Spidergirl is a sister of the two brothers correct?Can you imagine how the mother is PROUD of her children. Congratulation ❤


  4. В конце девочка сказала "прости пожалуйста" ?

  5. I wish I knew what she was saying. 😊 Both played well. I wish I had started at that their age. Such concentration and skill.

  6. Да , с Голофаст не пошкодничаешь , из неё получился бы хороший воспитатель .

  7. Oh this is the same game but a different angle. They posted this twice.

  8. Last move by tweedledee was nice 😅😂

  9. you guys already uploaded this game 4 days ago (other camera angle)

  10. What a game .. this little fellow is strategising 10x better than a 40 yr old me . How .. Just How .. Prodigies .👏

  11. Tweedledee will come back strong from this setback 💪💪💪 !!

  12. Golofast concentrates and plays a great game

  13. Самая смешная из всех его игр!!!!!))))))) Цирк его ждёт!!!!))))

  14. Манер у парня нет совсем)

  15. Great game by two great young players, well done both of you.

  16. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  17. вот так вот приходит и уходит любовь за шахматной доской

  18. Фигуры с пешками в конце мог бы и подать, вопреки расстройству от поражения)

  19. Что говорит Ульяна? Она чем-то недовольна?

  20. Мальчика слишком рано забрали из детского сада

  21. Dear Golofast, dear Tweedledlee,
    ❤ Well done both of you ❤️

  22. Tweed kid plays like he's being forced to do it. He looks so bored.

  23. Simba has great career potential in the Conflict Resolution field. 😄

  24. I guess there's such a thing as "killer's instinct".

  25. awkward handshake at the beginning. they already act like a chess pro

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