Tweedledee (1261) vs V. Chimpoesh (1264). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Blitz

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  1. Поражения учат больше, чем победы. Болею за тебя!

  2. Tweedledee needs to learn some fair play too 😛 😁

  3. Is that hayley dunphy from modern family

  4. не помогла подлость малому. Надеюсь родители объяснят, что так не делается

  5. Both sides of the issue must be seen. If the order to start the clocks was given and the opponent is not present, the boy has the right to start the clock. He could have just been polite to the girl and waited a few seconds. But, as a rule, he is not wrong.

  6. The two brothers lose alot of games on overconfidence and luck of concentration, their sister does not do those silly mistakes

  7. Хитрость часами его сгубила

  8. In Playlists of CFN Channel, if you want you can watch the videos of V. Chimpoesh very soon and Tweedledee (Gleb Yunker) chess games.
    Ch. videos not yet and T. has got 119 videos.

  9. I feel for Tweedledee because at home he frequently loses to his twin brother and his older sister. The chess club gives him a chance to win occasionally. He takes it badly when he loses.

  10. C'on Miss Chimpoesh 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  11. Ms. Chimpoesh is brilliant, it’s a pleasure to watch her play, you can almost see her decisive brain move the pieces around.

  12. Nice attack. She looks more powerful than her rating would suggest.

  13. Extreme cuteness almost overshadows admirable accomplishment. Nice work Miss Viktoria!

  14. I think he beats himself up more than anything when he looses. Just needs to learn to show it differently so others don't take it wrong.
    He's still young, he'll get it. She played a great game, congrats.

  15. He must of had a destroyed mental from previous games. The start and end show.

  16. He is young but yes small small good things get better world
    You great tweed 👍

  17. Все- таки смотреть по сторонам не нужно.Ошибочная тактика.Но Юнкеры упорно её придерживаются.

  18. Tweedledee is the younger brother of Alice. He must be very young, no more than 7 years old.

  19. Молодой джедай оставил своего короля в несостоятельной позиции H-2… с противниками, Ладьей и Конем, на ударных позициях… в Силе произошло сильное волнение ♟️

  20. Poor sportsmanship.
    Doesn't even look like he enjoys the game. Only the win.

  21. Ничего страшного не случилось! Выше голову,малыш! 😁😁💥

  22. Tweediedee missed GOLDEN CHANCE. Given —-At time 1.11 He could play–(1)Bg5 if Qg6 then (2)Re1 erc

    Move order is important Luckily V Chimpoesh got chance to defend by playing h6.

  23. Подлый малыш, подлый поступок

  24. The little Monkey started the Game before his opponent arrived…..and still lost….LOL

  25. 😂😂😂😂😂😂, firts come firts play, although opponent not yet come

  26. I suggest the young man not pick his nose, play with the booger and then touch the chess pieces. Good game for Chimpoesh.

  27. Have fun you too!♟️ Your friend from Albuquerque!

  28. А руку пожать даме после проигрыша, джентельмен?😂

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