Tricky and Aggressive Blitz Chess

In this video, I late-join the Eastern SuperBlitz Arena and try to fight for first place by playing tricky and aggressive openings. This was live streamed on Twitch on March 16, 2020.

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  1. 0:24 Black: English Opening2:23 White: Indian game 4:45 White: Sicilian smith morra gambit7:38 Black: Russian game Stafford gambit 12:31 Black: Queens pawn game symmetrical variation17:45 White: London system24:13 Black: Indian game, tartakower attack27:03 White: London system 33:40 Black: zukertort opening: Ross gambit 39:00 White: London system 42:17 White: Russian game urosov gambit 48:01 Black: Queens gambit declined53:55 Black: Budapest defence 58:53 Black: kings gambit, falkbeer countergambit 1:03:17 White: Philidor defence, hanham variation 1:07:14 White: London system 1:08:40 White: London system1:13:18 Award Ceremony.

  2. 2nd ( techincally 3rd ) OHHHH!! EARLY SQUADDD

  3. Where is this chat that you talk about…and stream

  4. Asdf is sequential letters in qwerty keyboard

  5. I beat somebody in 9 seconds🤣 Playing a 3 minute blitz game, and I beat somebody else in 15 seconds. Nine seconds win has to be a world record🏆

  6. "Bg5 hangs a bishop because queens move sideways" – just lost a match because I didn't see a sideways queen move… should have watched this video earlier

  7. We need individual clips Eric. Please.

  8. You are the ChocoTaco of the chess world

  9. "Stream-bits is an anagram for Master-bits"

  10. "If this this this if this this this i mate, and if this this this i take here and win the rook" xD

  11. It's not rricky and aggresive. It's just savage pawn grabbing…

  12. You should have named this upload "Making Yasser proud"

  13. Watching a Rosen beat-down like this is therapeutic after a disaster of a session in Lichess

  14. At 27:25 did you have nxd5 ? the pawn is pinned to the bishop. It threatened the queen and nc2 forking the king and rook.

  15. Why mate when you can take all the pawns is my motto

  16. I was ready to like but it had 200 likes and 2000 views.(I'll leave a like later :))

  17. How can I learn wit you? Do you have any class?

  18. don't have time to watch it all until this evening but in these first couple of games Eric is playing like he's at least 3,000 level haikara watch out

  19. I love your content rose but i can't watch 1hr chess. try to make your video max 25 min each or less 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

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