Tricky and Aggressive Blitz Chess

In this video, I late-join the Eastern SuperBlitz Arena and try to fight for first place by playing tricky and aggressive openings. This was live streamed on Twitch on March 16, 2020.

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  1. This is the first time I literally watched a whole video. Nice tournament. Keep going, the best greeting from Indonesia.

  2. One of your best videos – great moment at the end.

  3. "asdf" is a letter sequence on the keyboard below "qwerty". people put it in the nickname when they just don't care, or want to act like that.

  4. I just realised that he knows a lot of openings theory, perhaps that's one of the reasons he plays so good. I mean he's capable of recognising a bunch of different structures and name them!

  5. The title should be something like "Fighting For a Tournament Win with Tricky and Aggressive Blitz Chess"

    The ending was so tense and entertaining and you would probably get more views!

    Keep it up Eric this was awesome!

  6. is it just me or this guy is a doppleganger of mr. bean

  7. Why is grabbing pawns a Yasser thing? Isn't that universal?

  8. Congratulations! So many blunders …🤭

  9. I took a shot every time you said "oewww" damn you rosen

  10. GGs – I always watchin ur videos and very often to do not understanding some stuff, like this one on 4:04 "I feel Like Yasser"?? .. Yasser Sierawan??? Would u please explen that for me?

  11. Every single game here was amazing 😯😯

  12. That ending! I was totally with you there in those nervewrecking seconds xD Well played Eric.
    Yasser would be proud of your pawns and Ben would have liked your b1 moves.

  13. [Event "Friendly Game, 1m + 0s"]
    [Site "Café"]
    [Date "2020.06.05"]
    [White "Guest322618"]
    [Black "Guest321284"]
    [Result "0-1"]
    [ECO "A00"]
    [TimeControl "60"]
    1. Nc3 {2} d6 {1} 2. f4 {2} Nd7 {1} 3. Nf3 {1} e5 {1} 4. fxe5 {0} dxe5 {1} 5.
    e4 {0} Ngf6 {1} 6. Bc4 {1} Be7 {1} 7. d3 {2} O-O {1} 8. O-O {0} c6 {2} 9. Be3 {
    2} Ng4 {2} 10. Bf2 {4} Nxf2 {2} 11. Kxf2 {2} Qb6+ {3} 12. Ke1 {1} Qxb2 {2} 13.
    Ne2 {2} Qb6 {4} 14. Rb1 {2} Qc5 {3} 15. h4 {4} Nf6 {2} 16. Ng5 {2} b5 {3} 17.
    Bxf7+ {2} Rxf7 {2} 18. Nxf7 {1} Kxf7 {2} 19. Qd2 {2} Bg4 {4} 20. Ng3 {2} Kg8 {4
    } 21. Nf5 {2} Bxf5 {3} 22. Rxf5 {2} Nxe4 {3} 23. dxe4 {2} Qg1+ {3} 24. Rf1 {3}
    Bxh4+ {0} 25. Ke2 {2} Qxg2+ {0} 26. Kd3 {2} Rd8+ {0} 27. Kc3 {1} Qxd2+ {
    Guest322618 resigns 0} 0-1

  14. "If this, this. If this, this this this. If this, this this." -Eric Rosen

  15. At 27:23, why not Nxd4? Attack the black queen and if pawn takes then queen takes bishop with check.

  16. Você devia tá competindo na F.I.D.E teria muita chance de ser campeão.😉👍🇧🇷

  17. "The queen and the bishop are quarantined", lockdown has got into you😂😂

  18. Didn't know IM title could be achieved by opening traps and dirty flags.

  19. Eric: Let's take another pawn, I feel like Yasser. It's a nice feeling.
    Also Eric: Always play king b1, now I feel like Ben Finegold.
    Me: You're telling me there's a multiverse?

  20. Eric, you are cool. Against Ben F. you were talking, explaining, while (good liked by me though) bigmouth Ben just shut up and stared to the screen. This was an epical defeat!

  21. Stream Bits are also an anagram for "Amber's Tits" or "Stabs Timer"

  22. 12:3017:45 "yeah, that was a hard position to understand, very tactical" … The kind of game I watch chess on the internet to see 🙂 Not to understand, just to see 😛

  23. You are a Master at this/ wish you lets us know the moves in a slow manner so we can learn online. Is too fast to follow. I try and try never can beat the computer at level 109

  24. Never seen Eric lose, he's so quick, precise, creative, subtle, aggressive, positional, anti-positional all at the same time. The best way to not lose the game against him is by not playing at all.

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