Tricky and Aggressive Blitz Chess

In this video, I late-join the Eastern SuperBlitz Arena and try to fight for first place by playing tricky and aggressive openings. This was live streamed on Twitch on March 16, 2020.

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  1. Can u post a video of the salazar gambit use and use it in game?

  2. I could seriously watch Eric play for 10 hours, grab some food, and watch more

  3. I love yasser!!! And you are awesome to watch!!

  4. 49:10 : Google bans video due to: "White's doing the minority attack "

  5. Why did he start with 90 seconds versus his opponent's 3 minutes in the first game?

  6. at 20:00 opponent missed bishop takes f4 pawn takes f4 bishop takes d3 queen takes d3 queen takes b3. or bishop takes f4 bishop takes f4 bishop takes d3 queen takes d3 queen takes b3

  7. well done! great way to spend an hour watching you overcome adversity, especially as the London features

  8. His videos are good ! but man there are too many ads !

  9. It's so sad to see that at 38:37, thinking you made a mistake you didn't see that after … Rxf3 you could force checkmate with g1

  10. At 17:59 I feel like Eric kinda made a mistake, since black can capture on b2 and already the position is equal, which you don’t really want on move 4 as white. Alternatively you can play Qc1 with the idea of playing c4 and white is doing better. Just thought I’d mention it

  11. 27:24 eric misses a very nice move: Nxd5! winning, because the e6 pawn is pinned, and black's queen is overloaded.

  12. "if he …. I take his rook, if he…. I fork his rooks, if he takes then I force mate.. Life's Good". – Eric Rosen in all his games 😀

  13. "World is a confusing place. It's hard to live."

    Eric Rosen's last famous words…

  14. "Bg5 hangs a bishop because queens move sideways" – just lost a match because I didn't see a sideways queen move… should have watched this video earlier

  15. “It’s all about mating.” – Me, when someone asks what am I looking for on tinder

  16. I feel like all these videos start with "oh I'm late to this tourney"

  17. 20:16 Nooo, you could save the knight with the check in e7 and at least win a pawn

  18. What was that thing after 42:36 when black offered a free knight Eric said opponent knows what to do. What gambit is black playing?

  19. holy shiiiiiiiiz, maaan it is sooo fun and educational watching you, the way you vocalize all your thoughts makes me understand why you play certain moves, i love it man. seriously, you are pretty fucking awesome.

  20. I dont know what it is, but watching you play is very entertaining. Maybe its because you narrate your gameplay and dont just do moves. Im a 800 rating player , so I dont really follow along easily.

  21. 35:02 "this is such a difficult position, why do I play this opening"
    *Me, every game

  22. 10:28 why would white bother to castle when its king just went back to its original place lol

  23. Wait, is he on cocaine or something? Oh, never mind…

  24. Your calculation speed is SOOO impressive!

  25. you won with 0.8 seconds left for the tournament

  26. I’ve been following you on YouTube for awhile, but this is the first time commenting. That ending is unbelievable! So good!

  27. Dreams can come true if you believe hard enough…….

  28. "It's hard to make Yasser prouder" 🤣 (that giant Yasser grin)

  29. I've watched a lot of eric videos and that was probably the most on point I have seen him even tho he lost a couple. Just seemed like he was moving quicker than normal

  30. I love this whole video, I come back and rewatch it, I can say that about very few youtube videos!

  31. Hi, Gauri. Hi, Toggi. Hi, everyone in Twitch chat. Really love the community that's built up around Eric, never change <3

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