They create magic again | Carlsen vs Rapport | World Blitz 2023 | Commentary by Sagar

Magnus Carlsen and Richard Rapport are well-known for creating unbelievable complications. Their game from World Blitz 2022 is extremely well-known. Now they were seated against each other at the World Blitz 2023 in Uzbekistan. And guess what happened? The game was filled with extreme complications once again. Join IM Sagar Shah’s commentary to enjoy this battle between two magicians on the chess board.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Its the first time i have seen him waiting for the opponent 😂

  2. Richard is a cool dude. Has he ever won from the King?

  3. Richard VS Magnus is always of making a new queen ! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Rapport and carlsen matches are always exciting ❤

  5. Chessbase will continue posting world blitz 2023 games even in 2025

  6. Magnus and Rapport's games depend on the technique of pawn promotion which obviously happens to be in the endgames and we all know the maestro.

  7. Amazing heart pounding chess game 🧐

  8. Dude you don't have to scream like that 🤣 had to mute the audio

  9. I don’t think your idea of analysis is this video in(6:55) you are saying white can play rook to E1 and black then take bishop to A5.
    Why black take bishop to A5 after the move of white’s rook E1,black will play knight C to B6,after white saves his queen now black could take the bishop for free.

  10. Rapport seems such a nice guy haha… a beautiful game ….. just brought so much positivity!!

  11. beautiful game but pls dont shout the whole time 🙁

  12. Im sorry but i dont really like sagar's commentary.. it's bit distracting. And it feels like "forced overreaction" i just wanna concentrate but i cant. Plus i cant mute my phone. Commentary is important but most of the things are unnecessary. Hope there's improvement

  13. 😅😅😅 the commentator is much more nervous than the players LMAO 😅😂😊

  14. People don't realise but that was some really high level smartness in the opening , first cutting down all the complex lines in French by playing exchange , and then there's one setup in the exchange that is really good for creative attacking players like Rapport which I am sure he was wanting to play with Bg4 Ne7 Nc6 Qd7 and 0-0-0 going f6 g5 and attacking the kings idea castle . Magnus's early h3 move was to avoid Bg4 which really kills the mood of someone trying to play that setup (you can tell from Rapports reactions) and then because h3 can serve as a hook Rapport was still going for it with Ne7 and perhaps Be6 or Bf5 in mind , but Magnus made sure to not castle instead c4! Nc3 absolutely killing any of blacks plans to go for those setups so Rapport castled king-side and Magnus got to play his type of middle game. Absolutely brilliant practical play and understanding.

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