The way in which Magnus Carlsen resigns this game is epic | Sarana vs Carlsen | World Blitz 2022

Magnus Carlsen was going strong at the World Blitz Championships 2022 with a score of 14.0/18 and a full point lead over the field. But then comes Alexey Sarana and he plays an amazing game. The thing that makes this game special is that it is very hard to pin point where exactly did Magnus go wrong. He made all the natural moves and Sarana managed to outplay him. Very rarely does something like this happen. Check out this game, with an epic resignation from Magnus and also an interview with Sarana after the game and his thoughts.

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  1. I dont respect 3 min games at all! you are trying to win under pressure rather having a truly good game!

  2. What was epic about how Magnus resigned? Honest question. Seemed like every other resignation I've ever seen.

  3. At least he didn't pull a Sevian and destroy the pieces.

  4. Зачем Магнус качество отдал? зевнул что-ли, погнавшись за пешкой? ))

  5. If Ivanchuk had a son he probably look like Sarana.

  6. Amazing the details these people can remember

  7. What was epic about that? That looked as standard as it gets.

  8. Why did Magnus let himself go down the exchange with Qxb2

  9. Sagar interviewing Sarana feels exactly like my friend discussing anwers coming out of exam hall & telling me all the marks I might lose😂😄

  10. Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus says:

    Sarana is a machine

  11. Magnus always looks like he needs a bath and to
    shampoo his hair.

  12. I dunno he didn't seem tense or nervous enough. Dude probably had the beads.

  13. Is Carlsen's opponent taking Carlsen's time or is it an illusion of my eyes?

  14. From a simply human standpoint, it appaers that Magnus may have been playing fast–knocked over a couple of pieces–and had momentary comfusion about the correct replacement of position, however many think that Magnus could not forget while in a hurry to play rapidly. He is only a man.

  15. Do you guys think Niemen would have been able to talk about his classical game win against Carlsen this way by recalling all of his moves?
    Oh wait… they probably weren't his moves, maybe that's why he didn't talk about them… "Chess speaks for itself" LOL

  16. It seems Carlsen's …h5 was quite bad indeed, weakening the kingside and just wasting time. White then just had the center and was much better.

  17. Technically Magnus resigned after unnecessarily blundering the bishop. Should have not touched it. Because now he was forced to move it, with no safe squares to go to. Of course Sarana will be chill about it. This is like your opponent scoring an own goal with soccer. How much are you really going to celebrate such a thing anyway?

  18. Them: *can remember every moves they did on a board few minutes ago*
    Me: *searching an object I have in my hand*

  19. a handshake, a smile – good sportsmanship – at last..

  20. I like Sarana, because he has shown constantly improving in his game! GL, Sarana!

  21. Wait so he lost because he accidently touched two pieces?

  22. Yeah, dunno why MC went for the Tal variation – H5 was the best move..?

  23. Perhaps the difference is Sarana thinks about chess while he's sat waiting in the barbers?

  24. Magnus just saved his bishop from getting trapped on the board by picking it up and resigning…….GG😁

  25. "Congratulations Sarana! You just defeated Magnus! What are you gonna do now?" "I'm going to Ukraine to fight for the Motherland!"

  26. It would have been great if he lunged over the table, legs akimbo and snarling like a deranged wildebeest, and stabbed him with the king.

  27. Сарана очень интересный игрок, спокойный и вежливый. Надеюсь он ещё усилится.

  28. Well he wanted to play Be7 but that loses the bishop to Rxe7. Magnus thinks for a second after he sees that but the Bishop is trapped so he resigned.

  29. Lol in the interview when they talk about the game schemes without any visuals a regular person can grasp what level these masters are at. Incredible.

  30. Sarana is my favourite player, after Magnus.

  31. As soon as i noticed the bishop was trapped my jaw dropped. Well played Alexey.

  32. Epic? He shook his hand and said good game.

  33. Наши чпокают Карлсена по очереди!

  34. 03:59 That photo guy, why dont he use silent mode. I do it when needed. He seems to seek some fame. 😆

  35. Sarana is just a humble and polite guy❤️❤️

  36. We can't say that's a blunter.. Sometimes chess is unpredictable.. Rip for that bishop.

  37. Not sure what's going on but props for them staying hydrated.

  38. Finally someone who could defeat him, he's human after all!

  39. I'm a beginner and I don't understand how these guys not only remember every move but also refer to them as board positions. WTF

  40. What was the time control of this Blitz WC ? It didn't look 3|0, but 3|2 or 3|1. Because I see there was an additional 1 or 2 seconds after each move.

  41. So if you knock your knight over you have to resign 🙂

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