The Unstoppable Machine | Magnus Carlsen vs Richard Rapport | World Blitz 2023

As Magnus Carlsen defeated GM Jan-Krzysztof Duda in the eighteenth round of the World Blitz 2023, he was cruising with a score of 5/5 in the last five games. In the nineteenth round, he was up against the very creative GM Richard Rapport. Can the defending champion make it 6/6? Watch the game to see what happens.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. "Camera shaking …"Me watching at 3 AM :" Earthquake ? "

  2. I’m new someone explain why at 7:20 white doesn’t play queen f8? Is that not a win for magnus right then and there?

  3. Rapport didn't see a pawn fork either it was a danger visible for GMs?

  4. See at 8:05 white queen may have given checkmate by playing E8😂they don't deserve to be grandmasters

  5. It's So Rare To See Magnus Waiting For His Opponent 😸

  6. bro im straight but goddang richard rapport is fucking handsome

  7. Is it just me or is magnus knight hanging on f5 at 6:25? Why rapport didn’t take with queen?

  8. 7:47 isn’t that checkmate with magnus Qf8? Did magnus miss that or is international chess different rules?

  9. At 9:43 after Qc2 wasn't Re5 winning ? Bcuz it would attack the queen and also a check in the king at the same time ? It would win the queen right ? Someone plz explain me

  10. isn't queen f8 checkmate at 8 min mark? the knight blocks the defending rook

  11. Magnus could have won ages ago. In 6.48 mins of the video – Queen to f8 Checkmate!

  12. 5:23 Magnus moves queen. Leaving Knight hanging, probably the craziest move. Yeah Pushing G pawn forks Queen and bishop but that's a bad position. Still tryna figure this one out

  13. Magnus made a lot of pressure on the king side which make him lost a lot of time of thinking how to avoid the checkmate just wow 😮

  14. He also had 2 queens against him last year in blitz 😀

  15. I feel as though richard doesnt play sometimes at the level he should be playing at while other times he is marvelous just a consistency issue

  16. Richar raport slalu gugup lawan magnus mana pernah menang dh tau kuda gratis gk mau dimakan goblok kau porttr

  17. Richard Rapport looks so frickin cool even when he is lost or under pressure! I mean what is he made of??

  18. Queen C5 in Blitz would have thrown me off immensely. Kudos to both players

  19. One mindless pawn push and the game was gone
    Qc5! was a nice move ☺️
    Magnus spots the right exchanges in a flash
    No one comes even close to him in that aspect

  20. Thank you for the digital board with evaluation, make it easier to follow the action.

  21. Finally digital board is there…thank you so much chessbase! It would be appreciated if it is added in other games too

  22. Magnus always has two queens against rapport's one queen

  23. I guess Bc7 better than Kh8 then no tempo gain when knight retreats – some interesting move order nuances in this exchange French !

  24. carlsen trying a new strategy of turning up to the board first

  25. After Qc5 why didn't rapport play Q takes kf5 .what would have happened ?

  26. I am jealous of magnus 😢😢 how much he is better' guys like best if the beestttttttttttttttttttttttttt in chess like harta hi nhi sala😂


  28. Wonder if rapport was still thinking about their game in last years championship?

  29. How Magnus does that – getting a win out of a dead-equal midgame position – is a pure miracle. He sits in ambush waiting for his opponent to make a sub-perfect move, and then he attacks, just at the right moment. And when he attacks, there is no stopping him…

  30. Rapport missed the simple win of a piece with … Qxf5 although g4 reclaims a piece, he can move … Qd3 to attack the Bishops?

  31. did anyone noticed that magnus had checkmate with the Queen 8:02

  32. The move i like is a4
    B coz it provokes a5
    Before taking that d6 bishop with knight a4 move was probably the best move.
    And Bg5 at the initial stage is aslo a provoking move f6

  33. funny: richard tries do distract magnus with a joke…

  34. At 8:188:20 GM Rapport played Nd6 . B6 looks like a Fork to me !


  35. Hello chess base, if you can or could I put a game in Spanish since there are many Latinos watching it and they do not understand the English language, please ❤

  36. At 7:46 Magnus could have checkmated him with Queen to F8. Why didn’t he do that? What am I missing?

  37. First time Magnus is on time at the table.. Even before he's opponent 😮

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