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  1. 17:13 the guy missed the knight fork which would have potentially won the game for him xD

  2. Can't turn annotations off of watching on the YouTube app

  3. Sharing some chess opening knowledge here (warning, it's pretty wordy):

    Starting after Ng5 ( 0:35 )
    Hutch was right to play d5 to stop the attack on his f7 pawn. But after white took the pawn, he shouldn't have taken back with his knight because white could take the f7 pawn and screw up Hutch's position and get the material back.

    Here's the sequence starting with Ng5: 1. Ng5 d5  2.exd5 Nxd4? 3. Nxf7! Kxf7 4.Qf3+ Qf6 5. Bxd5
    And white gets back the knight while screwing up black's position. Still playable, but definitely not comfortable.

    What Hutch should have done after exd5, was play Na5. Sure, in principle "a knight on the rim is grim", but the purpose of this is to get rid of that pesky bishop from looking at f7 by either chasing it away from that diagonal (Be2 for example) or just capturing it outright if it moves to b3.

    The best move for white, is most likely Bb5+ and black will have to give up another pawn. This does not mean black is losing, however! Black will actually be able to develop his pieces much more easily and quickly than white can if he plays accurately thanks to these pawn sacrifices.

    Here's a sequence, again following Ng5: 1.Ng5 d5 2.exd5 Na6 3.Bb5+ c6 4.dxc6 bxc6 5.Ba4 h6 6.Nf3 e5 7.Qe2 Bc5
    And black has some potential here IF he knows what he's doing and plays accurately.

    If you're not prepared to face Ng5, you're probably better off finding ways to keep Ng5 from happening, like h6 after white plays Bc4 or something, lol. =P

    Whew, that took a while to type… <.<

  4. At 1:39, wouldn't it be better if he moved his knight to D4? He could then take a pawn and a rook if I'm not missing something obvious (which I probably am).

  5. Hutch, since chess is a game, and you develop your pieces, does that mean you're a game developer?

  6. You're still stuck at the 1300s, do you think you are actually improving?

  7. Anyone else notice around 9:05 when he said black had to be careful about the push? Did anyone notice that drops the queen after a knight Check on d3?

  8. Also I think you won the endgame in the second game, since you'd win the rook or the knight, since the knight is hanging and its only protection is a rook sac

  9. If you had moved your knight at 10:15 I think I'd've either had a heart attack or had to buy a new monitor.

  10. 17:13 if the opponent played knight F5-E3, there is a king and rook fork that could have won him the game.

  11. 14:15 Am I missing something or Hutch could have just went Nxd7 and attack the rook with that?

  12. Puffing on that e-cig is like a baby sucking on a pacifier.

  13. Fried liver attack sucks. I'm glad he took it out

  14. How did you win that!? You shouldn't have won that. Wow!

  15. Why does he scream "the tsunami attack" like it's an actual game opening ??

  16. At 14:21 why not gobble bishop? If he takes your bish then you take his rook. You win an exchange surely…

  17. Hutch sometime when you're deep in focus and quiet your face reminds me of a world war two submarine captain directing a battle

  18. 2. game.. a mate was waiting on the back rank.

  19. omg i just realized this video was posted on my birthday!

  20. Guy looks like a stupid emo version of Dirk Nowitzki. You look like you smoke too much pot and never get any sleep.

  21. move your castle to H8 and you could've had checkmate quicker buddy. 13:16

  22. He should have played Rf3 xD he gave that free minor piece back for nothing. Agh.

  23. Hey, Hutch. These are fun videos. I'm a 1550 United States Chess Federation player training to be a Master and I'd play you any time on video. Comment on this post if you'd like to play!

  24. Hutch, turn 34 you couldve move h2 to h8 and had a checkmate.

  25. This is one of the best motherfucking opening intro

  26. In the first game, couldn't black just forked Hutch's king and Queen?

  27. In the second game he had a checkmate

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