The title game | Magnus Carlsen vs Hikaru Nakamura | World Blitz 2019 Playoff Game 2

With 16.5 points each Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura were in a deadlock at the World Blitz Championships 2019. A two game playoff was arranged. The first game ended in a draw. In game two Carlsen had the white pieces. This was the game that helped him to become the World Blitz Champion 2019. Have a look at this action-packed and tense duel which had everything on stake.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. The pressure on the man’s face as he no’s he’s LOST

  2. I'm not watching the game, I'm watching the expression from these both, if something happen in their face, I check the board.

  3. That's the most intense game I watched since the one Kasparov gained the World Champion title by peeing king off the board.

  4. Was soll das sein Weltklasse….Junge hat der Fehler gemacht

  5. The camera should be directly above the board..

  6. I’m so bad at this game that I planned my whole afternoon while watching 2 minutes of this video on mute. Thank you.

  7. The harder you look away from the board the harder you win

  8. Plzzz show digitaly or graphically the board so that we can understand the game much better

  9. Anyone find it weird that they have exact same cranial structure

  10. I'm pretty new in chess, first time I see that guy being severely outclassed

  11. hikaru thinks hes in queens gambit or sumn shit. dude really blamed his headset dying for his lost on stream one time and then banned a dude just for asking if it was cabled. a joke. lmao. always got an excuse

  12. Immediately after I read this someone coughed 🤣

  13. you are wrong its 12 million views

  14. 6:43 here checkmate in 3 moves 26.RxH7+ Kxh7 27.Qh5+ Kg8 28.Ne7#

  15. HAHAHA. Hikaru was seeing every single possible move up to the 12th move and Magnus will make the one single move Hikaru wasn't thinking.

  16. At 6;19 Nakamura plays Nd7, presses the clock and adjusts the knight on his opponent's time. This is Cheating !

  17. As great as this match is and others like it, it really needs some music or something to take away from the silence/white noise, not something the participants can hear just us watching.

  18. What sort of defence against the colle was that????

  19. The faces and the body movements are screaming “I’m too cool for this” but really you’re playing chess so you’re NOT too cool for it.😄😂😂

  20. You know its a tough match when Hikaru is not head bobbing

  21. At 5:50 hikaru played Nb3 which was a mistake, he should’ve taken b2 pawn with a queen

  22. Quick question, what is the move at 1:21 called? He moved two pieces as well as moved the room through the king.

  23. what's the point of all these games lol. guy thinks he is smart.
    if he plays against alpha zero he stands zero chance even if he plays 1000 games.
    no more chance for the best humans against ai.

    might aswell just give up

  24. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 magistral

  25. So what happens when that timebomb in the middle reaches zero? Last click wins?

  26. Notice how they keep looking around as though looking for signals. Could they be cheating?

  27. even if hikaru loses this is still a godly competition, they both showed amazing peformance

  28. I can win easily from them, just put the gun on the table and they will give a handshake to me.

  29. At 6:40, did Magnus missed Rh7 mate following with queen and knight?

  30. When I first started to become interested in chess, I watched a lot of video where Hikaru would absolutely dominate blitz. So I thought he's gotta be the best in the world in terms of blitz. And after seeing this, I realize just how much better Magnuson is. DAM

  31. Just saying the blonde guy taking pictures is a real prick. Learn some manners, not everything is about money kid.

  32. End game of magnus is magic one knows when it appears but when it's done they feel it❤️❤️

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