The shortest game of Magnus Carlsen’s chess career!

Magnus Carlsen came to the game played five moves, offered a draw to Vidit Gujrathi and it all ended in just five moves! What happened? Check out in this video as we bring you the entire footage.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. What? He leaves the game? No one has won. With which roules are they playing? The king can´t jump more than one square.

  2. But nobody called it a draw as I can see ???

  3. this video came up when i searched “the salami lid won’t fit” video

  4. I am watching Sagar Shah in background 😀

  5. I bet i could make it shorter (rarely chess, full noob)
    That means two things

  6. I think you hear him whisper “terrible stomach.” If I’m not mistaken

  7. I can't decide if he's a cave man or a giant version of Wee Man from Jackass

  8. Properly not able to see the game better front view might have settled for viewers in you tube

  9. I love the reaction of the red suit lady, I think she's vidit's mom, lol

  10. Moving you knight to G5 means you're offering a draw??

  11. from someone who isn’t good at chess GM Vidit looks like he was winning

  12. Hahahaahhahaahahhahaha🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Carlsen is the face of pure arrogance. Upset stomach? 🥱 He just couldn't be bothered to play!!
    Carlsen is a self absorbed cretin

  14. How this even a draw if white is completely winning? How can you prevent the attack on f7???

  15. Magnus would have shat his pants had Vidit not accepted the draw. It would be trouble for everyone except those watching here online. We avoided watching a natural calamity unfold before our eyes.

  16. when i saw this for the first time, i thought that, it was magnus carlsen vs some guest player and he defeated that guy in a few moves and when i saw magnus doing that hand signal in the end, i also thought he was quiet a arrogant person as well.

  17. How cool his parents has to be to name him 'MAGNUS'

  18. I know little about chess. Did Carlson somehow offer the draw by making that last move? Did that somehow indicate that he wanted a draw?

  19. I don't believe magnus offered a draw. Magnus played the fried liver attack which I think caught Vidit by surprise. Look at the position, one wrong move from black and it is all over. But then again, GMs have seen this line 100s of times…..


  21. How it is that giving up a pawn is considered to be a draw offer?

  22. Must've had meatball parm for dinner last night

  23. At 1:10 he’s trying to see if he can let off a little gas to calm his bubble-guts down, but he felt a shart💩 coming so he had to forfeit the match or forfeit his clean drawers. Hope that helps.

  24. That wasn't even mate can anyone explain me why did he resign…?

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