The real reason why Nepo raged in THAT infamous blitz game! #chess

Original Nepo Hari game:
Women’s game:
Iranian GM:


  1. He is known to be a little childish at times.

  2. No Indian will ever trash talk or play dirty. I can give you my word.

  3. To people blaming Ian, have you considered how the game would have went had the other player not dropped his piece or adjusted it on his time? Would the result be different? If you think so, that is your answer. You are blaming Ian for being upset over something that the other player took advantage of and should have been a part of the game. The other player took advantage, intentional or not of it and with only three seconds it was a factor.

  4. He literally slapped Haris hand instead of a handshake. Hari had all the right to be completely mad at him. Drawing in a winning position happens hundreds of times in every chess player's life . Absolutely no big deal. He should have been severely penalised for such uncivilized behaviour.

  5. Poor Nepo at least he can beat Ding and be world champ

  6. Its a psychological disturbance maybe not a lot for the spectators like us who are free and have nothing tk lose unlike him this thought of not calling the arbitor to claim for penalty was always ticking on his mind while making each and every move and seeing the game is getting equal this happens everytime and nepo is right in his own terms. Most of the players in chess does this kind of psychological warfare like not shaking hands, coming late or it can be anything

  7. Now I know why he lost candidates, Karma OP

  8. I was rooting for gukesh in the candidates for this one,

  9. Nepo is so disrespectful towards others, this is why he didn't won wc and candidates this time.
    After the draw with fabi, he said "ali threw this for everyone" while ali was the only one who stopped gukesh from getting 10/14 by defeating him in time pressure.

    In the award ceremony, he was acting like cry baby while hikaru was proud and gave respect (clap and shake hands) to gukesh unlike nepo who acting like gukesh won by luck. But actually gukesh lost to ali by luck otherwise he was never in a lossing situation in any match throughout, whole nepo was certainly lost to vidit and fabi.

  10. So happy to see the Karen lose the candidates

  11. Thats why Nepo will never be a World Champion

  12. I love how chess GMs behave like divas, it just makes the gane more fun

  13. Nepo behivour is rude. Actully he is a clown

  14. Okay but what if he did call the arbiter. I mean maybe he would have won with what? maybe 15s given to him? Ok. But realistically speaking if he blundered like this being 40s up then being 50 or 60s up probably didnt change it too much.

  15. If nepo likes being aggressive. Try MMA .😂

  16. The most dangerous moment in the game is when you start thinking that you are winning and in the end you don't win.😂

  17. Nepo is crybaby , bro was blaming alireza after almost loosing against caruana in the candidates.

  18. Harikrishna should have replied with… "Respectfully.. Go cry to your mom!" Lol

  19. When you lose or draw a game that you should have won it's rather infuriating so Nepo really isn't mad at him he's more just mad at the game and himself in general and he's misdirecting it. Not an excuse but it's not personal

  20. Those who saw Online Olympiad live know he is always like this. And karma strikes bro💥

  21. It's because of this game Neppo still didn't become world champion 😂😂😂

  22. Neppo argued like a girl. 5 times in a row.. what..?? 🤭🤭🤭

  23. Nepo’s impulsive response is seen in board and off board, costing him even WC . Pitty he has not improved much .. Bad sportsmanship .

  24. Nepo with this attitude seems like a crybaby.

  25. Because losing(drawing here from winning position) against Indians feels 5 times worse, as there is in general assumption among developed nations about backwardness of Indians….that's why one slip seems like 5 times.

  26. Nepo by Nature is emotional guy. You can see from WC matches when he loses, he gets those funky faces out. No wonder he makes such ruckus

  27. It is absolutely cheating and intentional …very obvious

  28. Nepo should be slapped and banned from chess for his bad behaviour

  29. This one game is the reason I hate nepo…. And happy when he lost to ding….

  30. You don't have to watch whole video
    If you know Hari then you immediately know its Nepo who is not gentleman

  31. GM Crybabies:
    1. Krammnik
    2. Alireza
    3. Nepo

  32. Nepo is always an excellent and wonderful player

  33. I wonder if Nepo would have behaved like that playing chess with Mike Tyson

  34. I never liked Nepo,,dull arrogant person

  35. very well explained, I didn't expect such an objective and mindful break down of the video, congratulations

  36. Nepo! Such a cry baby! Same think happen in candidates 2024 tournament, he didn’t even bother to handshake with the winner or even congratulate him. And these kind of people Don't how respectful Harekrishna is towards others players. After seeing this video i have less respect for him after these both incident.

  37. Imagine the same thing switching the players, it would have been a biggest onslaught against Indians playing chess.

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