The real reason why Nepo raged in THAT infamous blitz game! #chess

Original Nepo Hari game:
Women’s game:
Iranian GM:


  1. Bro thats not the case indian gm moves the pieces in nepo time watch in .25x carefully

  2. Nepo reacting like a human. What’s wrong with that? He was pissed of, because he knew he should have get this one. We’re not kindergarten.

  3. i Like this Channel it brings niche chess content !

  4. Great content! Really appreciate the clear clarification provided

  5. At the last nepo's clock shows 0.00. Does that mean he lost on time or he got timed after the draw claim?

  6. Nice content. Glad for the fast growing of your channel. Congrats!

  7. That’s why Nepo has never been & will never be a world champion. Magnus is better than him on the board & off the board

  8. Well, it doesn’t matter If it was accident. The rule is clear 😅

  9. I had mixed thoughts when ding won recently. I am now firmly for ever in anti nepo camp. His Russian roots were not a factor but this behavior sways fans

  10. Nepo should have done a lot better here.. both in the game and otherwise

  11. Nepo is human too 😅 if it was me the pieces be up my opponents ars 🤣🤣. Stay safe out there kids 😇✌️

  12. Nepo lets his emotions get the better of him way too often. Just one step away from truly being world-class.

  13. Being emotional is one thing, being a jerk is another. Nepo's attitude here was completely out of line, and I'm glad he lost his chance at the world championship.

  14. The time scrambles are a bit ridiculous and act as a randomiser that detracts from the Chess content of the games

  15. I have seen a few of your chess videos and I just hope you get more subs. Your videos are great in production and content. My respects, new sub here 🤝.

  16. I hate kind of people like nepo.
    There are a lot of them out there

  17. Ian is such a baby ! 😢Harry he is like little poor penguin will never play dirty 😊

  18. I always knew Nepo had peppo. Powder Keg under table?

  19. why would nepo call the arbiter when harikrishna has 3 seconds on the clock

  20. I lost a lot of goodwill and respect for Nepo due to this incident.

  21. He is mad at call center scammers… 😂😂

  22. Dear, you can't use nosy auntie standard of logic to comment a high end game in such manner. Dirty did count in taking advantage against Nepo.

    Watch carefully, all Hari Pentala capturing motions before are directly using piece taking piece, but only at this particular moment, he took white piece first, then use knight to strike down the white bishop to click the clock; but it can't be done without first holding up the white pawn first, as you then can't click the clock without first picking up the bishop, then taking white pawn and click the clock; the whole action of waiting or sorry gesture causing Nepo at least 2 seconds instead of a quarter of second.

    Using 0.25 speed to see such logic.

    Human being is interesting and better than AI, as you can consciously play dirty by faking a subconscious act to accomplish, even you convince yourself to believe it, otherwise, it won't be perfect. 🤣

  23. Pressing the Pause Button & Calling
    the Arbiter has another risk of the
    Opponent Thinking about the Position. 😅

  24. I wish they use 2 Computers instead
    of the Board to avoid these awkward
    Interaction in Blitz & Bullet. Maybe it
    Ruins the Game for some. 😊

  25. Can you please credit the video source when using the videos.

  26. Good channel. The explanation of the potential moves is very helpful!

  27. Непо је велики играч, али је овде испао безобразан према свом колеги Харију. Хари је ок лик!

  28. I disagree with your assessment! Harikrishna was losing and being angry he maliciously knocked over a piece to throw nepo off. It was obvious but you're taking the wrong side. Crappy channel, wrong narrative.

  29. Hari was about to flag when he did that, so yeah, it was incredibly dirty. Obviously, Nepo should've handled it better, but for Hari to be in disbelief that he was being called dirty is bs. He taps the clock and then proceeds to waste 3 seconds, replacing the bishop. WTF he would've flagged, but let's take that time off Nepos clock while you replace the piece. For Hari ( who I like by the way) to act like he did nothing wrong at the end was probably the worst thing about it. He knows what he did was wrong, but he acts fake shocked by Nepos words.

  30. Good thing we had cameras at the world championship, or this guy would've said Ding cheated and won😂

  31. He remembered there was something he could blame his mistakes on. That's a real sissy. Shameful.

  32. A technique used to "cheat" and frustrate the opponent.

  33. Trash talk on the table should result in a severe penalty!

  34. This is very very bad behavior from nepo 😡😡….. Lossing the chance of win and then raging on opponent unnecessarily …..
    Idiot grand master 😡
    Ding f him in world Championship 🔥🔥 karma

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