‘The Perfect Modern Doesn’t Exis…’ – Blitz Chess and Analysis on Lichess.org

Welcome to Ant Plays Chess! This is the first video for my new channel. In it, I play a random opponent on Lichess.org in a 5/3 Blitz game and then analyse it afterward. I hope that you enjoy it!

The game features the Modern Opening vs 1.e4, and I think it is a good example of the opening’s intended plans and ideas.

I have been playing chess for several years, and am currently working towards my over-the-board ECF rating at Eastbourne Chess Club. As an intermediate-level player, I definitely don’t know everything, but I am happy to share what I do know with you. If you have any questions or anything to say please do leave a comment.

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I look forward to creating more videos and sharing my love of chess with you!

About my channel:

Ant Plays Chess features games and analysis videos, live streams, learning content, and lessons. I have played Chess for several years, and am an intermediate amateur player. My main aim is to learn, play, and have some fun along the way!

Whilst I cannot claim to know the game as well as anyone higher-rated or at a master, IM, or GM level, I am passionate about Chess and want to share this game and what I know with you.

If you have any questions or would like to see any particular type of content from me, or just to say hello, please do leave a comment on one of my videos (please follow Wheaton’s Law!) or message me on Lichess or Instagram: @antplayschess

Cheers! Ant


  1. Thanks for the lecture, it's especially interesting to follow the thoughts of an equal to you chess player. That's why I find it less helpful to study the games of grandmasters let alone seek advice of an engine.

  2. Beautiful work on this video, Ant! Flawless game. There's also a good reminder in there to watch out for counterplay when ahead. Easily overlooked, unfortunately. Can we expect some lessons on this in future?

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