The most weird chess incident that you will ever come across

You may have seen many chess cases and controversies, but we assure you this one is highly unique and something you would have never come across in your life. It happened at the World Rapid Championships 2022.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. I get that the guy has to tell that person to be quiet, but why did he have to be such a condescending prick about it 🤔

  2. When they tell him he has to play the move with one hand, he says "It's impossible…" Yeah, that's why you shouldn't get yourself down to 1 second on your clock. Time pressure is a critical part of this style of chess. Take the L and move on.

  3. OK, so nobody would like to play with Kovalev, got it.

  4. Obvious bullying. The kid stands tall while Kovalev has no honour.

  5. Very impressive how many videos I keep coming across showing "adults" throwing a fit because the child they're playing against looked at them funny.

    Yes, the kid lost, but he kept his composure much better.

  6. Why were they saying that using two hands is not illegal, judges don't know the rules?

  7. That same kid shouted in a different game while his friend was playing. He has issues.

  8. Now I know why Chess masters go insane…Just take the loss kid, don't worry about it, you have thousands of chess matches left in your life.

  9. all these people sure seem like they would be a lot of fun at a party…..

  10. Lil boy needs to take his L, it's fn one second.

  11. I don't play or watch chess, but there seems to be a bit of drama surrounding that one group of kids lol

  12. What a nice young man, I hope he doesn't go on to lose to Magnus Carlson with a minute and a half time advantage.


  13. Means that if you have only 1 second on the clock, you could immediatly resign because you will not be able to make your moves in time.

  14. People hating on the older guy but he’s right. It’s like the arbiters we’re trying to give the younger kid a pass or something. I’d be mad too that my opponent gets benefits just because he’s he young.

  15. The older guy is a bad dancer who always complains about his own balls. If he'd be playing against computer, a split second would be enough for computer, but he would be complaining like"…hey, I am not a machine-fast… this is chess, not action game…" whatta loser…

  16. Looks well shady! I mean, for a game that's been around for over 1000 years surely there should be some hard rules for the arbiter to follow/enforce?! 🤔🤷‍♂♟

  17. In Online Chess it would be ok 😀 time switch is automatic :))) but not here in real board

  18. FIDE doesn't have camera evedience ? Poor management

  19. At the end of the day a bunch of idiots wasting their lives on a half metter square board.

  20. His parents are probably in the background screaming "they cheated". We must get him a participation trophy.

  21. The only thing that remains a mystery for me is how in the hell is possible that kid has 1 second on the clock when the increment on each move is 2 seconds so even if he played the last move with 0.01 second remaining on the clock he still should have 2 seconds on the given move. Anyone cares to elaborate this?

  22. Why can’t you use two hands? Seems like a completely ridiculous and arbitrary rule. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  23. It's a chess tournament, rules exist for a reason. Don't get yourself that far down in time that you need to break the rules to complete the move. Doesn't matter if he's 12 or a 112. He had every right to protest and take the victory. Calling the guy whiney or out-of-line for calling him out for it is bizarre to me. He should let him get away with it because he's a kid?😂 That's the dumbest shit I've ever heard.

  24. 2:51 "Playing with two hands is not an illegal move", meanwhile in the Laws of Chess:

    If a player uses two hands to make a single move (for example in case of
    castling, capturing or promotion) and pressed the clock, it shall be considered
    and penalised as if an illegal move."

    Those arbiters are a joke for not knowing the rules and for laughing at the end 🤦‍♂.

  25. Thanks for the video and thanks for the explanation, commenters!

  26. Rules especially made for bad players to have a chance.

  27. How is it possible that kid has a rating of 2396? Impossible isn’t it or it is a glitch?😮

  28. How many times are we going to see this kid causing issues in tournaments

  29. These kids (the one playing and the one coming into the frame and at least one other) were bothering other player during the tournament. If their game had finished, but their friends game not, they would come and distract the other player. In one of the game the arbiter allowed the opponent to restart with 2 seconds on the clock even after he lost on time since the kids shouted to distract him. The arbiter said he had seen them do it in other games as well.

    These brats should be banned from future tournaments.

  30. They’re both gonna get a stern telling off from their parents and most likely grounded for a week!😊

  31. Juvenile delinquent.. the world is becoming rampant with them, a slap in the head is required .

  32. Don't bother watching entirety. 4:30 will summarize the entire game and controversies in just 2 seconds.

  33. Kids are extremely annoying and sometimes impolite in chess tournaments, kids should play in tournaments according to their age not with adults

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