The most weird chess incident that you will ever come across

You may have seen many chess cases and controversies, but we assure you this one is highly unique and something you would have never come across in your life. It happened at the World Rapid Championships 2022.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Okay okay, so what is the tournament's rule regarding illegal moves? Do you just get a warning for the first time? Or do you get time reduced from your clock? Or do you just lose the game?

  2. That one dude is the Jedi of ‘Shhhhh’, stopped the whole room, most intense shush ever

  3. Got my pile of autism for today. Btw the guy started to talk moves when he though it was over no? So thats also weird. Also then the other guy made ilegal moves of moving kings to the center when its not over since he didnt listen to comands of arbiter precisely to the point.

  4. … the faces of everyone at 1:00 just sums up the whole thing. The kid looking at a grown up like this is funny af. Petty ,petty ! I understand the rules but with 2:00 vs 0:01 no increments, he won anyway… the fuss appear a bit exaggerated…

  5. Well did he make that move? It doesn't matter what happened to the pieces that were knocked down,they can be restored. The question is did he make that move? The arbiters did not even look at the clock? Wtf?

  6. I am so pleased he was caught cheating, both times. These ruSSians don't care for rules, it is shocking – for them it is always to win at any cost. This is why many sports have now banned ruSSians from taking part. Even went caught cheating he has his innocent face on. I am please Vlad (Kovalev) did not allow him to get away with this. What is even more funny is that when they restarted he straight away played another illegal move (again in a attempt to stop his inevitable defeat). Once again the referees call it right. In future Chess and many other sports have to think more about letting cheats and liars enter (e.g. the ruSSians). Kovalev is a good sportsman (we saw that when Magnus turned up late and he played slow to allow a fair game) so I support him fully = good guy.

  7. I watched this after muting the volume. Crazy. I understand that the kid was involved in another incident. Maybe Carlsen can say something about all of this?

  8. You know what they say to do when you come across a weird chess incident…

    … apologize and wipe it off.

  9. I know hes a kid and all but whys he acting all confused when he knows that he cant use 2 hands

  10. This is the kind of cr@p that happens with sudden death. Competitive chess should always be Fischer or Bronstein mode.

  11. for anyone wondering why hes complaining abt the kid, even the officials dont know the rules……. tsk tsk Each player must press the clock with the same hand that moves the pieces, using one hand to both move the pieces and to press the clock. TD TIP: This rule, the use of one hand in all blitz moves, also applies to castling and captures. emphasizes on "SAME HAND" and "USING "ONE HAND"

  12. These arbiters are so damn terrible…omg 😲

  13. the best is to change the rule. on this kind of fast games or speed chess. quality moves are sacrifice.every player especially the veterans resort to winning or drawing by technicality or by the use of sickening chess rules which youngsters may not be in good position to explain in their defense. Protest if any during the game should be done after all games or matchups have finished not during the current matches. even in the middle of the game or right after someone wins or loses, the losing opponent have its dirty styles to make protest and changes the result of the contest. that is not good to see in chess. what is more than sad to watch is that the arbiters seem to be easily influence in their decision mostly by senior,experienced,older opponent. The arbiters just cant say no protest shall be enteratained until all games have been finished. if all the games were finished they can talk complaints and decide better.

  14. 2:36 kid press the button before his piece is in place. Better using the one hand rules.

  15. If the guy on the left has two minutes left why wouldn’t he just make another move to run the kids time out instead of going through all the hassle

  16. What makes it even more funny is that Rxd8 is a terrible move because it loses to Qxd8+ followed by Bd4 threatening checkmate (as also pointed out by Adhiban). Very easy to spot for these players if they're not under time pressure. So by the time Uskov had to repeat his move Rxd8 everybody already knew that he would lose no matter if he would manage to execute the move in one second or not.

    Another fun fact: When they reassemble the pieces at 2:08 Uskov confidently puts his king on h7 which would be a safer square, then at 2:20 Kovalev puts it on g8 where it actually was.

  17. Youre an adult using rules to win against a kid ? You make a drama of someone touching a piece?


  19. I am not sure what kind of BS chess arbitration they are running in Kazakhstan (not India), but the guy on the left was ABSOLUTLY correct. You MUST CHANGE THE CLOCK WITH THE SAME HAND YOU MOVE THE PIECE WITH.
    To me, that is well known. To a GM of 2396, that was like blatant catch me if you can rule breaking. He knew it was wrong and tried to argue his way out of it. No class kid- go back to school and get beat up a few times and grow some balls.

  20. Imagine living a life so boring you have to have these types of things happen to you in order to feel excitement 😉

  21. He is probably a great young player, but cheating like a kid would cheat at a board game at home.
    Anyhow, he could not win that game with 1 second, and his opponent with 2 minutes.

  22. Many tension and many year's training everything sometimes it's very complicated.

  23. Artem Uskov is a talented young chess player, FIDE Master, Champion of Moscow and Russia U12. But cheeky. He lost both in terms of time and position. Instead of honestly admitting his loss, he arranged this whole circus, for which the Belarusian grandmaster Vladislav Kovalev, who is now playing under the FIDE flag, punished him. It is important to stop such "children" in time.

  24. This dude has been having some bad luck against the kids lol.

  25. So that's what this "en passant" is that AnarchyChess talks about.

  26. I understand that man's frustration. He just wants to make something clear: He wants it done right. No excuses.

  27. If you slow down at 2:34, the kid clearly presses the time a bit before he finished his move.

  28. Blond dudes an idiot. I don't care what the rules of chess are, but if you don't treat people with respect then you shouldn't expect it from them.

  29. I’m more lost than a penguin in the middle of the dessert 🙄🙄

  30. What is the point of going through all of this if your not going to put enough time on the clock to physically make the move? Why not 2 seconds?

  31. This stinks of bad sportsmanship.
    Chess is about strategy, quick mind and good spirit, not dexterity.
    Making a player go through a 1-second-gymnastics test, reminds me of DUI tests that only exist to fail the driver.

    This is not what chess should look like!

  32. lil homie fosho went back to the hotel and cried, feelsbadman. why the other homie so mad too, he has 1 second left, lil homie is going to flag regardless. people love to make things a big deal

  33. Only thing that's missing here – some intense music.

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